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Anna calls in at Asda Omagh to thank Jacqui and Louise for looking after her when she fell

March 28, 2019 10:54am
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Regular customer Anna McGonagle paid a special visit to our Omagh store to thank our 'amazing' colleagues Jacqui Starrs and Louise Logue for helping when she had a nasty fall on her way to do the shopping.

Anna cut her eye when she fell, so Jacqui and Louise rushed to help, giving first aid and making sure she was OK before Jacqui drove her home.

Anna's daughters Claire and Susan were so touched that they wrote a letter to the store to say thanks, and they joined their mum on her visit.

Anna said: "I cannot thank Jacqui and Louise enough for everything that they did for me. Not only did they help me clean my cut, but they also assisted me with my shopping and Jacqui even offered to drop me right to my door.

"I visit Asda most days and they always offer great customer service – but this was truly going above and beyond!

Customer Anna McGonagle says thank you to Jacqui Starrs and Louise Logue from Asda Omagh who helped when she had a nasty fall

"My daughters wrote a letter to say how grateful they were for the caring and calm way in which the colleagues reacted to the accident – they were just amazing."

Jacqui said: "It was great to be reunited with Anna and meet her daughters in store. Louise and I were delighted to receive the lovely letter from them thanking us for coming to her aid the day that she fell."

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