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Why there's a real buzz about the latest fun additions to our celebration cake range

From bumblebees to sharks and llamas to leopards, our party cake range is packed with fun designs to help you celebrate in style. Product developer Sarah Burns blogs about the new additions and how they came about...

By Sarah Burns

April 9, 2019 02:41pm
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Sarah Burns

We always challenge ourselves to create something a little different for those important celebrations. A standard chocolate cake is great for taking into the office or kids' nursery, but we've found that people don't want to buy the same thing year after year for special occasions so we pull out all the stops to make sure our celebration cake range always offers something new to add to the fun of a party.

We started planning these new additions about nine months ago when we went down to London on an inspiration trip. We don’t just take inspiration from the food we see, it can be stationery, fashion, homeware – all kinds of stuff. For instance we saw lots of bee designs on food but also signs and decorations, with wild flowers being a bit of a trend at the moment.

That's why we've added our cute Bumblebee Cake to the range. It has stripy chocolate and vanilla cake layered inside, so it looks really good when you cut into it.

Bumblebee Cake

There’s also a bit of an under the sea theme this time around. We’ve added a Narwhal Cake, with a rainbow horn on top, and a Shark Cake. He's my favourite from this range as he’s got such a cheeky face! Then we’ve got an Under the Sea Cupcake Platter with little sea horses and crabs on which would accompany either cake really nicely.

Under the Sea Cake range

The cupcake platters are great for parties. Sometimes one cake might not be enough for everyone so it’s great to have that little add on – and it’s fab for keeping the theme going throughout your party. You can also find our new Bumblebee Cupcake Platter which goes perfectly with the cake.

Plus, if you're hosting a bigger party this year we've supersized a classic! We often talk about wanting bigger cakes in the range for bigger parties and everybody loves the classic caterpillar cake, so we’ve launched our Clyde the Colossal Caterpillar Cake that's double the size of our original version and serves 24 for £12.

Clyde the Colossal Caterpillar Cake

One of the big trends we're seeing in toys at the moment is slime – kids seem to love the stuff! So we've developed a Slime Cake, which is a delicious chocolate cake and when you cut into it it has a glittery tutti frutti flavour slime which oozes out. It’s one that the kids are sure to love!

Slime Cake

We’ve launched lots of cute animals this time around which have been created based on some of the trends we’ve been seeing. We know animal cakes are always popular with customers, and they’re nice to be able to adapt into cake – it just seems to be that different animals crop up every now and again and manage to capture people’s imagination.

We added our new Llama Cake back in February because llamas seem to be hot on the heels of unicorns as the trendy animal on everything at the moment. We also launched our Leopard Print Cake at the same time, based on some of the fashion trends we’ve been seeing recently. They’ve both been really popular already and it’s great to see that people are loving them!

When we launched our popular Unicorn Cake we noticed that it wasn’t just appealing to kids but adults too. We know adults love a bit of fun just as much as the little ones – everybody likes a cake that’s a bit more exciting now!

For those looking for something a bit more grown up we've added some really lovely designs. Our Pretty in Pink Cake has a white and pink smudged look that we saw a lot of in more high end retailers during our inspiration trips – it's a really lovely modern look.

And our new Luscious Lemon Cake is nice as it adds a bit of a different flavour – everything’s usually either chocolate or madeira sponge so it’s nice to have that fresh and light option. I'm definitely going to pick up one of these for my mum – she loves a flavoured cake!

We’re constantly thinking about how we can update our range and we're already working on our next new launches which will land later this year – so watch this space!

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