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Tom's friendly service puts smiles on lots of faces at our Eastbourne store

By News & Blogs Team

April 26, 2019 00:58pm
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Our Eastbourne colleague Tom Hines is so popular that lots of customers make a beeline for his till for his friendly and helpful service.

Tom, who has cerebral palsy, has worked at the store for 11 years and has become a huge favourite with customers and colleagues alike.

Tom Hines at Asda Eastbourne is  popular with customers and colleagues alike

Regular shopper William Robertson, who's 62, is one of the customers who loves the great service Tom provides. He said: "I'm a great believer that if somebody is kind, helpful and gives amazing service, they should be recognised – and this applies to Tom 100 per cent.

Asda Eastbourne colleague Tom Hines

"He's very lively, outgoing and is a real character. You never forget Tom once you've been served by him.

"I'm aware he has cerebral palsy, and I think that considering this he does brilliantly."

Terence Sergeant, who's 79, visits the store every week and said: "If Tom is in the store, my wife and I make a beeline for his till because he's so amiable, pleasant and friendly.

"It's great that his excellent service is being recognised."

Asda Eastbourne colleague Tom Hines

The store's community champion Athena Putland said: "Tom has regular customers who will go out of their way to see him and will join the queue at his checkout just to be served by him. He's really cheerful and helpful and is a real cheeky chappie with a great sense of humour.

Tom Hines is a firm favourite with customers and colleagues at Asda Eastbourne

"He always gets involved in any charity events in store too and enjoys getting dressed up for these events! We're all really proud of him."

Asda Eastbourne colleague Tom Hines

Julie Farrell, service section leader, said: "Tom's got so much personality and loves a giggle with the customers which is why they keep coming back to him. He's a genuinely nice, caring lad and we've had lots of great feedback from customers.

"The only thing we have to help him with is the long code numbers for George clothing, with everything else he's absolutely fine and well all love having him around. Everyone knows him in Eastbourne!

Tom Hines from Asda Eastbourne is a firm favourite with customers and colleagues

"His verbal communication is fine as long as you listen carefully to him. I've been here for 17 years, I remember when he first started. He's always been confident, as time as gone on we've given him more responsibility and he's responded really well to that."

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