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Katie and Bobby's shopping experience is transformed by our GoTo Shop trolley

May 3, 2019 02:11pm
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Regular Asda customer Katie Renwick is a big fan of our GoTo Shop trolley, which has transformed her weekly shopping trips with her son Bobby to our Birchwood store in Warrington.

Bobby's GoTo Shop trolley at Asda Birchwood

Bobby, who's three, has non-verbal autism and is fascinated by everything going on in the store. Katie says he would try to climb out of the standard trolley, but that after she heard about the GoTo Shop trolleys, which have a secure five-point harness, padded seat and open front, they now use one every time they go in.

Katie lives with Bobby, her husband Robbie and their daughter Lexi-May in the Padgate area of Warrington.

She said: "A massive well done to Asda for these trolleys. We go into the store once a week and I saw someone using this trolley, so I enquired about it at customer services.

Bobby's GoTo Shop trolley at Asda Birchwood

"Bobby's quite big for his age so he was too heavy to be in the other trolley, and he was starting to stand up in the trolley, reaching up and knocking things off shelves.

"With this trolley, he's securely strapped in. It means he's comfortable and more content, so the shop is just a happier experience for him.

"It would be great to make more people aware that these trolleys exist.

"He sat in it all the way round and never tried to get out. It wasn't like it was trapping him either – it helped him by giving him more space. The seated area is nice and big for him.

"For me, it was great because it meant I wasn't on edge. I could turn my back on him quickly to get something from the shelves without worrying he was trying to climb out or pull things off the shelves.

"Bobby is non-verbal and gets bored easily, and if he's having a bad day every little thing can disrupt him, so having this trolley for him is great. They're also great for anyone like Bobby who has a hidden disability.

Bobby's GoTo Shop trolley at Asda Birchwood

The store's customer trading manager Jane Varney said: "Katie said how much easier the trolley made the shop both for her and Bobby. He sits happily in this trolley and she doesn't have to worry about him climbing out.

"The family are so nice and it's an absolute pleasure to be able to make their shop happier and more comfortable."

The GoTo Shop trolleys are available in 400 of our stores. If you're looking for one, ask at the customer service desk and colleagues will able to help.

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