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Linda loves going out of her way to help customers at Asda Luton

May 10, 2019 02:15pm
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Our fantastic colleague Linda Weston has been going out of her way to help customers at our Luton store for the last 22 years – even taking a weekly shopping order from two elderly ladies who are unable to get to the store and delivering their groceries in her own time.

Asda Luton service superstar Linda Weston

Sixty-two-year-old grandmother Linda, who works on the meat and pizza counters, says she loves chatting to customers and taking the time to get to know them.

She said: "We get quite a few elderly customers who come in and they may not see anyone else all day, so it's very important to take the time to chat to them and find out how they are."

The store's training coordinator Kirsty Barrat said: "Linda is lovely and is known for going out of her way for customers. She's got a really great sense of humour and they all really like her – so much so they queue up just to be served by her. They like her pizzas and they like her banter too!"

Asda Luton service superstar Linda Weston

Linda, who was named our company service superstar for April, got to know the elderly friends who she visits every week when they began shopping at the store together several years ago. She kept in touch with them after it became hard for them to reach the store.

"The two ladies are in their eighties and have been friends for years," said Linda. "They used to come in every week together to do their shopping. I got chatting to them and we got to know each other, as you do with regular shoppers. I gave them my home number, and told them to call me if they ever needed anything.

"A couple of years ago, one of them had a heart attack which meant she couldn't drive, and as the other lady can't drive it meant they had no way of getting in to the store. They called me to let me know, and I asked them if they needed any shopping.

"They said 'yes please' and it started from there. I ring them on a Wednesday to ask them if they need any shopping. If they do, they let me know on a Thursday, and after my shift on a Friday I do their shopping and then deliver it to them. They live about half an hour apart.

"They're both very grateful. One of them calls me her 'angel' and says I'm her lifeline. I tell her I'm only doing her shopping. It's just nice to be able to do something to help someone."

Asda Luton service superstar Linda Weston

Store manager David White said: "What Linda does is an example we should all follow. It's fantastic that she supports these customers and continues to support them.

"We're always very proud of anyone who goes out of their way to help our customers and she's just been exemplary during the time I've known her – she's amazing."

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