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Check out our new BBQ additions for something a little different this summer

May 14, 2019 10:49 AM

Our head development chef Mark Richmond writes about the new additions to our BBQ range and offers his top tips on getting the best from your barbie this summer.

For me, the summer is all about getting friends and family together, and a barbecue always adds to the occasion. I feel that food is better grilled or barbecued, because it adds that smoky flavour. And if you're firing up your barbie this summer we've got some really delicious and inspirational products for you to try.

We developed the Butcher's Selection Donut Beef Burger to offer something a bit different to the standard burger.

One of the big things Asda is about is fun – and this is a fun way of personalising your burger. You can fill the middle with a fried egg, gherkins, cheese – there are lots of possibilities. Also, you don't have to eat it with bread, so it can be a slightly lighter choice.

We wanted to give people an option to change the way they build a burger, and that's what the donut beef burgers do.

We've been doing wagyu for a long time now in our prime cut steaks – in fact, we were the first supermarket to launch wagyu – so we're always looking for different ways to use wagyu in our products. This brings us to our Extra Special Ultimate Wagyu Hot Dog Sausages.

Using wagyu in a hot dog gives you a really succulent sausage, and the flavour is highly umami, which is a great flavour.

The guys who make our sausages – Finnebrogue in Northern Ireland – have some great technology at their factory to make delicious sausages and the wagyu hot dogs, made with British beef, are a great addition to the range they supply to us. We know quite a lot of people are looking for premium, speciality products and that's what the wagyu hot dogs offer.

We've also got the Large Buffalo Hot Wings which are cooked in a hot, vinegar-based buffalo sauce. This sauce is fiery and finger-licking! They're best cooked in the oven, but they're one of my favourites for a summer party as they're delicious and really moreish.

You can find them in the frozen aisle and they're really easy to cook – just pop them in the oven and top with the sauce for the last 10 minutes for a delicious treat – perfect if you're running out of space on the grill!

Whatever you're cooking this summer my key tip for a barbecue is to let your coals burn for a long time – I think a lot of people put their food on the barbecue too early. Your coals need to be white and hot rather than still just burning away.

Segregation on the grill is very important too. Move your charcoal over to one side, cook the food away from direct heat and the food will cook slowly and more evenly.