Our Little Angels Vapour Bath has been making headlines after parents took to social media to say it's been soothing their little ones when they're feeling under the weather. And adults say they love using it too!

The vapour bath, which costs just 87p and is available in stores and online, features a mild formula that gently cleanses a baby's skin and contains a menthol aroma, which aims to soothe and comfort them. It's paraben free, dermatologically tested, paediatrician approved and hypoallergenic.

Here are some of the things people have been saying about it on social media:

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This stuff is amazing 😯😯 #littleangels

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I’ve been meaning to share my views on this item, not gifted, purely just because I’ve found it to be fabulous ever since Layla was tiny. @asda Little Angels - Vapour Bath. When using it (which is really only when Layla has a little cold), we would run it under the tap, not too much as a little goes a long way, then we would shut the bathroom door to trap the lovely smell in. Layla would enjoy her bath as normal and sneeze numerous times through due to the menthol aroma scent - she HATES her nose being unblocked using the nasal aspirator therefore this really was a saviour. It would clear her up all ready for bed time, I was so glad when I found this! Layla was unfortunate and had bronchilitis when she was 5 weeks and this came into our life around this time. Loads of lovely bubbles from such a tiny amount! I am happy to admit I’ve used it in my own bath many times too! The product is paraben free. The price is super cheap too, under £1! Nice big 500ml bottle that would last ages (if mummy didn’t keep using it for her own baths!). - - - - #productreview#review#babyreview#babyproduct#recommended#recommendation#babyrecommendations#babyitems#babybath#bubblebath#babycold#babynose#mamareview#bubbles#mamanlog#mammy#blog#reviews#littleangels#asda#asdalittleangels

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News and lifestyle sites including The Sun, Pretty 52 and Heart picked up on all the buzz about the vapour bath – and the Daily Mail highlighted some of the reviews it's received on the Asda Groceries site. Check them out here.

And when we posted about it on Facebook, lots more customers commented to tell us how much they love it. Read what people said here.