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Why we’re changing the packaging on our baby wipes

Product Development Manager, Baby
May 22, 2019 12:38 PM

Gemma Pickersgill, our product development manager for baby, writes on our recent changes…

At Asda, we know how passionate our customers are about our Little Angels Range and from the moment their little ones arrive to the first adventures of toddlerhood, we are proud that our products are helping parents every step of the way.

Finding a brand that you trust for is incredibly important for all parents, so we take our responsibilities to our Little Angels range incredibly seriously. We pride ourselves on quality and rigorously test all our range to ensure quality is consistent and every product is perfect for our little customers.

We also know that, with the passion they have for our Little Angels products, our customers are very quick to spot anything that might have changed! That’s why we wanted to be clear about a change that we’re making to our baby wipes over the next few weeks.

As a business, we are determined to remove unnecessary plastic from our products. It’s something our customers and colleagues feel really strongly about - and so do we. We’ve already removed over 6,500 tonnes of plastic from our own brand products over the past 12 months - equivalent to 600 million plastic bottles - and we are striving to make sure that, by 2025, our entire own brand range is fully recyclable.

So after thinking hard about whether this change was the right thing for our customers, we decided to ask them what they thought about the idea. Overwhelmingly, our customers said yes to getting rid of the plastic lid and that it’s the right thing to do for the planet, as long as we don’t compromise on the quality of the wipes.

Armed with this feedback, we’re removing the rigid plastic lids from four of our Little Angels products, including the fragranced and sensitive baby wipes. We have replaced them with a new semi-rigid lid that uses much less plastic but still keeps the wipes moist. We know customers might be worried about the wipes drying out or getting messy in the changing bags – so we’ve ensured this doesn’t happen!

The upside is that this simple change will remove a huge 335 tonnes of plastic from our packaging! The product inside will remain exactly the same, and there are no compromises on the great quality and value that our customers love.

We’re sure that our customers will be as passionate and excited about this as we are. It’s a great example of how a small change can make a big impact in protecting the world, for all of our little angels to grow up in.