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Teenager Finley loves helping everyone on his visits to Asda Portsmouth

May 31, 2019 02:38pm
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Thirteen-year-old Finley Bushnell loves helping everyone at our Portsmouth store when he calls in with his mum Kate on their regular shopping trips – and he’s such a star that colleagues in the store have given him his own name badge and lanyard.

Teenager Finley Bushnell loves helping everyone at Asda Portsmouth

Finley, who's autistic, used to get anxious in big shops, but he's loved visiting Asda ever since his auntie Sarah Twine – who works at the store – encouraged him to help out.

Kate said: "We come into the store twice a week, maybe more. Normally me and Finley come in with my mum Irene and my daughter Elsie.

Finley Bushnell loves helping everyone on his visits to Asda Portsmouth

"My sister Sarah is checkouts section leader, and one day Finley was staring at one of the queue buster signs.

"She said he could hold it, which he loved, and from there he basically joined the team!

"His favourite thing to do is help out on the Scan & Go, as he likes putting the used handsets back in their slots. He also likes collecting baskets and putting things on the shelves.

Finley Bushnell loves helping everyone on his visits to Asda Portsmouth

"The colleagues are great with him – they all say 'hello Finley' when he comes in. He loves his Asda visits and says 'I want to work in Asda when I grow up, and I want to be the manager!'."

Kate says going to the shops used to be difficult because Finley would be upset – but now he wants to spend more time in Asda.

She said: "He used to get anxious and stressed when shopping, to the point where I couldn't take him shopping. But he loves going to Asda because he's helping, and he really enjoys helping people.

"He keeps nice and busy while I get on with the shop. I know that he's happy helping out the staff there – in fact he asks me to take longer during the shop so he can stay for longer! He's their little helper.

Teenager Finley Bushnell loves helping when he shops at Asda Portsmouth

"If we go to another shop he hates it because he's not involved and not helping out. The colleagues enjoy having him in too, they're over the moon to see him enjoying himself."

Store manager Dean Glasspool said: "I've known Finley for more than a year and everyone really likes having him in – colleagues and customers alike.

"He really enjoys doing little bits and pieces to help us out, and during the time he's been helping us you can see he's increased in confidence.

"I know he wants to work for the store when he's older and I think that's a real possibility – hopefully we'll be able to help him achieve that. He's a happy, cheerful lad and he really looks forward to his visits to the store.”

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