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Asda lorry driver Ian captures the beauty of his journeys through Northern Ireland

June 07, 2019 03:37 PM

Check out these stunning photos taken by Asda lorry driver Ian McIlroy on his journeys delivering food to our stores across Northern Ireland.

Ian’s hobby as a keen photographer is a perfect match for a job that takes him through some of the most picturesque scenery in the world.

He took the picture above after pulling into a lay-by for a rest break. He said: “The sky just exploded with colour. I didn't have my proper camera with me that day, but I had to get my phone out and take a few pictures. It was taken on the A8 about ten miles outside of Larne, heading towards Belfast."

Night-shift driver Ian, 43, who has been delivering fresh and chilled products to Asda stores in Northern Ireland since last October, calls his love of photography “a hobby with attitude”.

He said he’d been interested in photography since he was a teenager but decided to take it up seriously 10 years ago and did a diploma in professional photography.

Asda Larne transport manager Stephen Todd said everyone in the team loved seeing Ian’s photographs.

“They always create a lot of interest. It’s such a beautiful, picturesque part of the world here. We have the coast and the cliffs and, with the Giant’s Causeway and the filming of Game of Thrones here, it's really popular with tourists.”

Stephen said lorry drivers like Ian were supermarkets’ unsung heroes. “Customers don’t often see our drivers as they come in and out through the back door, but they do such a great job, making sure the store and the customers get the goods they need on time”.