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Students learn life skills on work experience sessions in store

June 28, 2019 11:33 AM

Our Dundonald store's community champion Sharon McBratney has been welcoming students with learning disabilities and special educational needs into the store for a series of work experience sessions.

The students from Tor Bank School have been given behind-the-scenes tours, tried out our checkouts and made pizzas during the once-a-week placements.

The latest student joining us on work experience was 18-year-old Lewis Morrow.

Sharon said: "He loved being on the tills and talking to customers – he has a great sense of humour – but the thing he liked doing best was tidying up the shelves. They have never looked so good. He also made his own pizza, which he had with his dad for tea.

"We love having the students here. All colleagues make them feel at home. We give them all a uniform, badge and at the end of their time here we give then a silver star at a presentation."

Zara Minford, head of sixth form at Tor Bank School, thanked Sharon and Asda for the "fantastic opportunities" they provided for students.

She said: "It is great for our students to experience the world of work and gain valuable life skills. Working in Asda really helps the confidence and self esteem of the students. They get so much out of it.

"They are always a little bit nervous at first, but everyone there is so friendly and supportive."

She said Lewis, who's autistic, returned to school "beaming" after each session at Asda. She said: "Lewis loved it. He was just treated like a member of staff."

Sharon will be welcoming a new student from Tor Bank School in September.