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Pam delivers great customer service – despite being deaf since birth

July 2, 2019 01:07pm
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Regular customers at our Accrington store often seek out our popular colleague Pam Evans for a "chat" – even though she's been deaf since birth.

Pam, who's one of our Home and Leisure colleagues, has worked for Asda for 22 years. She so impressed a customer recently with the way she helped his little girl that he wrote to tell us about it. As a result of the fantastic feedback Pam received a Great Service Award from Asda.

Although Pam can't hear or speak she can lip read and make herself understood. Pam loves interacting with colleagues and customers and enjoys spending time with friends and family including her brother and sister. Here she is with Section Leader Mark Eastwood.

Asda Accrington Home and Leisure colleague Pam and Section Leader Mark

George and GM Trading manager Charlotte Duffy said: "Pam can lip read and she interacts with everybody. She fits in really well with the team and goes on social nights out with them. She's really good with customers and can make herself understood. She even has regular customers who come in to see her for a chat."

We asked Pam what she thought about working at Asda and whether her disability caused her any challenges in her job. She wrote: "I always try to be helpful to customers who need something and I give them a BIG welcome!

"I can't speak but I can lip read and I always carry a pen and paper with me which helps. I will always find someone who can help if I can't. Some colleagues do try to speak to me in sign language which makes me happy!"

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