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Longbow champion Jan is Asda Birchwood's very own Robin Hood!

July 5, 2019 00:55pm
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Jan Booth from our Birchwood store is hitting the mark in her favourite sport – field archery.

Asda colleague Jan's our very own Robin Hood

Jan, who works in health and beauty and has been at the store for 26 years, is the reigning Ladies Longbow Lancashire Champion and recently came fifth in the National 3D Championships.

She said: "I've been doing field archery for seven years now and I love it. It's like a simulated hunt. It takes place in woodlands and you are aiming at images of animals. Distances can be anything from five to 100 metres, unlike the sort of target archery they do at the Olympics where the distance is set to 70 metres at a round target.

"I love being outdoors no matter the weather and field archery is the kind of sport which needs concentration. You are, after all, shooting a lethal weapon!"

Field archery is a growing sport and has around 6,000 members in the UK.

Jan said: "I have made many friends and it is a very sociable sport."

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