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Our Back To School campaign is powered by children's imagination

July 27, 2019 08:00 AM

Campaign manager Paige Martin takes us behind the scenes of George's new back to school TV ad...

Our latest Back to School campaign is a celebration of children's imagination. We believe that play and creativity are an important part of learning – proven to build stronger, more resilient children by stimulating their imagination and curiosity.

As part of the campaign we've been working with an enthusiastic group of schoolchildren to film our latest TV advert. They told us their favourite playground game was "tag" and so we helped them design their ultimate game of tag – complete with a monster the children themselves created.

To bring the monster to life we asked the children to draw a monster from their imagination, then took features from each child's drawing to incorporate in the final design. Everyone's idea of a monster was different which is what makes it so good. We love the way kids don't bother about proportion or practicalities, so this huge monster has odd legs and a tiny wing that couldn't possibly make him fly!

On the day, the kids were having so much fun playing their game they forgot we were filming. We added the monster afterwards using CGI so the reaction you see on screen is genuinely a reaction to the children's own thoughts and imagination. To help the children know where the monster would be on screen we used cardboard cutouts of the monster's body parts.

We tested the advert before launch on a group of Asda customers and they really loved it. And our two hero monsters in the advert, nine-year-olds Benjamin and Minaii, were also delighted when they watched the final edit.

We're really pleased with how the ad has turned out – we hope you love it too.

And as for our school uniforms – if they can stand up to the test of being chased by monsters they're capable of surviving anything children's imagination can throw at them!

Look out for our monster advert from this Saturday (27th July) in Scotland and from 10th August in the rest of the UK.

You can browse our school uniform collection on George.com and in store now.