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Jake gains in confidence thanks to a year-long placement at Asda Wythenshawe

July 29, 2019 03:56 PM

Colleagues at our Wythenshawe store work with a nearby specialist support school to help young adults like Jake Knox learn the skills they need for their working lives.

Jake, who's 18, has just completed a year-long school placement at the store arranged with his school, Piper Hill Specialist Support School. He says he's much more confident now, as well as having developed skills which prepared him to start an internship at Wythenshawe Hospital.

Jake said: "Overall, during my time at Asda I feel I have gained more confidence and can work well as part of a team. I have enjoyed meeting new friends and getting to know customers and listening to instructions. This has prepared me well for my next chapter."

From day one, Jake formed a good relationship with security colleagues and buddied up with porter Steve Bennett.

He said: "They made me feel really welcome and like part of the team."

Jake then went to work in George alongside Gill Ramsey. He said: "I wasn't sure if I would like this department and was a bit nervous, but Gill and the colleagues on George were so helpful and friendly I enjoyed it more than I expected to. Special thanks to all at Asda Wythenshawe and for having faith in me."

Our Wythenshawe store's community champion Donna Kitto says everyone at the store was proud to see the progress Jake's made.

She said: "I have really got to know him since he has been here. He came to see me every Tuesday morning when he came in for his placement. I have seen a massive difference in him; he is much more confident around people now. He is always willing to have a go at something. He really enjoyed his time here."

The store's people manager Rachel Kelleher said: "Jake has really impressed us with his attitude towards working and has really applied himself in the departments he has experienced. He was especially proud of how quickly he could strip and prepare stock on the George department! Jake's confidence in store had visibly improved during his time with us and we are very proud of his achievements. We wish him the very best of luck in the future."

Jake has now left school and will soon be starting an internship at the hospital.

Donna says she hopes to work with Piper Hill Specialist Support School again in the near future.