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Fancy a slice of chocolate bread? Try this new addition to our Extra Special bakery range

July 30, 2019 03:01 PM

Delicious toasted with hazelnut chocolate spread for breakfast or as a snack at any time of day – Product Manager Maddie tells us more about our new Chocolate Bread...

We've added some great new speciality breads to our Extra Special range – including a very tasty Chocolate Bread which we think our customers will love.

It's made by our supplier in France using French flour to make a light, chewy chocolate dough that includes milk chocolate chips. We've worked very hard on the recipe – we know our customers love chocolate but we didn't want to create anything too sweet. I think we've reached a happy medium of a chocolate hit that customers will recognise that is somewhere between milk and dark chocolate in flavour.

In terms of texture it's a cross between a sourdough and a French baguette. It's very light, soft and bouncy. We did a number of different development recipes to perfect the overall texture and chocolate flavour. The long fermentation really relaxes the dough.

It's absolutely delicious lightly toasted and spread with a chocolate hazelnut spread. It's giving customers another option for breakfast – or a snack at any time of day.

We're seeing people be more adventurous with bread now – more people want natural yeasts, and speciality flours, not just a bog-standard loaf.

That's why we've added a few more speciality breads to our Extra Special range: Pumpernickel bread, Rye Sourdough, Chocolate Bread and White Sourdough bloomer and a new Cornbread recipe which is mildly spiced and delicious with pulled pork.

We've been showcasing the range at agricultural shows around the country and they've gone down really well – particularly the Chocolate bread and the Pumpernickel bread. There's a perception the Pumpernickel bread is going to be quite dense but it's not – it's flavoursome, slightly nutty and delicious with cold meats and cheese.

You can find the new Extra Special breads on Asda.com or in our in-store bakery now.