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Four children, four adults, one dog and one Asda delivery van go camping to Loch Ness

If you're holidaying in the UK we can deliver your food to your door, tent or caravan...

By The Asda Team

July 30, 2019 03:11pm
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There was no room in the cars for food when the Coudbrugh and Barnes families travelled from Glasgow for a camping holiday at Loch Ness – so Ash Raine from our Inverness store delivered a monster order of supplies to their tents!

Children with Asda bags of shopping

Primary school teacher Carol Coudbrugh said: “When we stuffed everyone and everything into the cars there was no room for food. We ordered a delivery from Asda because it’s our local shop. We just ordered essentials – like breakfast cereals, pasta and wine for the mums! – and three or four meals to tide us over until until we could get to a local shop."

Carol and Linzie Barnes have been friends since they were eight years old and went on holiday to Loch Ness together with their children, Holly, 13, Erin, 11, Olivia, 11 and Murray, 9, and husbands Jason and Derek … and dog Honey.

Car full of camping gear

They booked an Asda delivery two weeks before their trip to save the delivery slot and later drew up a joint shopping list full of camping treats – including marshmallows, popcorn and of course eggs and sausages for breakfast!

"We had chicken for a stir fry one night, burgers for a barbecue, tins of soup for lunch, sausages for breakfast and plenty of snacks to keep us going," said Carol.

“I'd recommend ordering a delivery – it definitely saved us packing things into the car and gives you time to think about what you want to cook throughout the week. We’ve used deliveries before when we’ve stayed in holiday cottages with groups of people. One person places the order for everyone and then it’s all coming off the same kitty.

Honey the dog by Loch Ness

“It didn’t matter how far away we were staying – it was still only £3.50 for delivery on the Friday evening even though it’s a 40-minute trip from the store to the campsite. The delivery driver, Ash, was very accommodating – he phoned to check where we were because I got the postcode right but I said we were staying near Loch Lomond and not Loch Ness!”

Ash, who is one of our Home Shopping colleagues at Asda Inverness, took this photo of Loch Ness while he was waiting for his next customer.

Home Shopping colleague Ash from Asda Inverness by Loch Ness

Ash loves taking photos of scenic spots when he's out and about delivering in Scotland – you can see more of his photos here.

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