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Velma's VIP trip to see her friends at our Bearsden store

August 23, 2019 01:25pm
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When care home staff asked eighty-eight-year-old Velma Rollason what she wished for most the answer was simple – a visit to our Bearsden store where she used to go in every day and was loved by all our colleagues.

Velma's VIP visit to see colleagues at our Bearsden store
Velma Rollison with community champion June Kennedy

The store’s community champion June Kennedy organised a VIP tour for Velma when staff at Buchanan Lodge Care Home got in touch to tell her about their Wishing Well programme and Velma’s wish "to see her friends at Asda".

June said: “Velma was one of our very regular customers who would visit every day. She would come into our store from around 10am and would still be there at around 2 or 3pm!

"She was loved by all our colleagues. We started to miss her coming into our store and wondered what had happened.

"One morning she returned to the store with her carer. It was so lovely to see her. She had tea and cake in the cafe where she met all her friends. We made a real fuss of her. We'd missed her and were so happy to see her knowing she was doing well."

Velma's VIP visit to see colleagues at our Bearsden store

Care home manager Lorrie Milne said Velma “absolutely loved” seeing so many familiar faces and they hoped to organise a return visit in the near future.

She said: “They have such a genuine affection for her. It was so nice for her to see so many familiar faces. She used to live across the road and call in every day.

"Our Wishing Well programme is very popular – it can be anything small like going to a local coffee shop or having a VIP visit to a football match. We try to see what we can do.

"Velma wanted to see her friends at Asda so we got in touch with June and she kindly arranged it. We hope to do a return visit for Velma in the near future."

Hollie Black, from the care home who went on the visit, said: "Everyone in Asda loved to see Velma who always looked like a beautiful film star. They have such a genuine affection for her.

"Velma was treated to morning tea and cakes and after meeting numerous members of staff was presented with beautiful flowers and chocolates and as always Velma looked absolutely lovely.

"She had the most wonderful happy time."

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