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We've added indulgent new Christmas flavours to our Extra Special confectionery range

Claire Surtees from the Serious Sweet Company introduces six exciting new flavours of fudge, honeycomb and gourmet mallows

November 6, 2019 05:14pm
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We’re excited to introduce a new range of Christmas confectionery treats that we’ve been working on with Asda for their Extra Special range.

You might have seen some of our products in store before – like our ever-popular Salted Caramel Fudge or our rather delicious Gourmet Mallows made with Extra Special Pink Gin.

For Christmas we've worked together to come up with three new indulgent flavours of fudge, a white chocolate coated honeycomb which is exclusive to Asda as well as a milk chocolate version and a brand new gourmet mallow.

Our new Irish Cream Fudge is already proving a hit with Asda customers and is my favourite of the new range. The creaminess of the Irish cream and the butter in the fudge work really well together. It's is a well-known flavour that customers will recognise and very Christmassy. And we’ve used a good dash of Irish cream liqueur so you can really taste it in every piece.

Gingerbread flavours are always a big trend at Christmas and this is another flavour that combines really well with fudge. And our Christmas Pudding Fudge that was such a hit last year is back for Christmas 2019 by popular demand!

As well as the new fudge flavours we've created a new white milk chocolate honeycomb which we think will be really popular. It's exclusive to Asda and very innovative – I haven't seen a white chocolate version anywhere before. We've also added a Milk Chocolate Coated Honeycomb to the range.

And our final Christmassy confectionery treat is rather special – it's a Milk Chocolate Coated Salted Caramel Gourmet Mallow that's also exclusive to Asda. The salted caramel pieces are melted into the mallow mixture to give it a different texture and flavour and then - because it's Christmas! - we've coated the mallow squares in delicious milk chocolate.

All our treats are made in Harrogate using traditional handmade processes. We use copper pans to boil the ingredients, then all of our creations are poured by hand into trays and allowed to cool naturally – a time-honoured process that really improves the texture.

Confectionary is left to cool naturally in trays

Our honeycomb is broken by hand into different shaped pieces so every bag is unique.

And at £2 each they're a great value gift - ideal as stocking fillers or to give to teachers as a thank you present.

With all our confectionery treats we've tried to go for classic flavours with a twist. They're just a bit different and they're great to take round to a people's houses when visiting at Christmas time ... or keep them for yourself as a reward for finishing your Christmas shopping!

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