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Our Extra Special pizzas are tastier than ever – and we’ve added two exciting new flavours

Product manager Amber Pepper tells us how our pizza team have improved the range

By News & Blogs Team

November 8, 2019 03:35pm
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We get lots of great feedback from customers about our pizzas. I love to know what customers are saying so I regularly check social media and online reviews.

Extra Special pizza masterclass

We’re always reviewing trends and suggestions to provide new and exciting flavours. When developing new products it's all about looking at trends and seeing what's out there in restaurants. We searched the market to find the flavours our customers love and from this research two totally new Extra Special Pizzas evolved.

Our Extra Special Chorizo, Salami Napoli & Smoked Cheddar Pizza is topped with a combination of smoky Spanish chorizo and an indulgent cured Italian salami Napoli, then scattered with a naturally smoked mature cheddar. There is no other pizza like it!

If you like heat, our Extra Special Fiery Chicken Arrabiata is the pizza for you! Topped with our signature tomato sauce, sweet and spicy roquito peppers and British chicken which has been marinated in a fiery blend of spices.

Two of our Extra Special pizzas

All our Extra Special pizzas are hand-stretched, stonebaked and topped by hand. We believe a great pizza starts with a great base and have improved ours to create a light and airy base using only the best British flour and a mix of Sourdoughs. Each base is individually hand-stretched and baked on Italian lava stones in a wood-fired oven, using beechwood logs, for a classic Neapolitan-style crust – crisp, thin and full of flavour.

We have kept the same great signature tomato sauce, however during the development process it was recognised that to deliver the best possible eat we needed more sauce so we’ve doubled the amount we use to top our pizzas.

I think our Extra Special Margherita pizza is still one of the best. We smother our signature base with a seasoned tomato sauce using sun ripened Italian tomatoes. This is then topped with creamy mozzarella shavings, stringy Italian-made mozzarella balls, flavour-packed baby plumb Sunblushed® tomatoes marinated with garlic & oregano and finished off with mouthwatering basil pesto. This pizza is a true taste of Italy.

Another great vegetarian option is our Extra Special Chargrilled Vegetable and Basil Pesto pizza. With the same signature sauce, melting mozzarella, Sunblushed® tomatoes and basil pesto. It is then topped with chargrilled courgette, red onions, garlic mushrooms, red and yellow peppers and finished with a sprinkle of Rosemary.

But it's our improved Extra Special Smoked Ham Mushroom and Mascarpone that has to be my favourite – smothered in our signature tomato sauce, topped with handfuls of melting mozzarella, creamy mascarpone and heaps of succulent smoked British cured ham and garlic mushrooms – it’s delicious!

We hope you love our new and improved Extra Special pizzas and I can’t wait to hear what you think of them. Tweet us at @asda or tag us on Instagram @asda and tell us which is your favourite.

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