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Colleagues track down replacement Super Bunny for six-year-old Lexi-Mae

November 24, 2019 04:22 PM

When Lexi-Mae's beloved great-grandad Derek passed away she wanted her favourite toy Super Bunny to go with him with to heaven so he wouldn't be alone.

The six-year-old wanted to get a second Super Bunny so they could talk to each other, but the bunny – which was bought several years ago from our Harlow store – had been discontinued.

Mum Danyella Senior put out a desperate plea on Facebook and it was picked up by our team at Asda Home Office, who were really touched by Lexi-Mae's story. They hunted down a remaining bunny at the manufacturer and had it shipped over so the store’s community champion Rachel Forth and store manager Steve Chamberlain could give it to Lexi-Mae.

Teacher Danyella said: "I really can’t thank Asda enough for doing all this. It's absolutely fantastic. Lexi-Mae was so close to her great-grandad Derek Woolnough. When she received it she smiled and said ‘It’s Super Bunny, just like grandad's'. She hasn’t put it down yet. She’s even taken it to school.

"My grandad was my idol. I was so close to him and so was Lexi-Mae. We saw him at least two or three times a week. She loved him.

"When my grandad had to go into hospital a few years ago, Lexi-Mae gave him the teddy to keep him company while he was there. Anytime he had to go into hospital after that, Super Bunny would go too. It became a family thing."

"When my grandad sadly passed away recently aged 84 I asked Lexi-Mae what she wanted to do with Super Bunny and she said she wanted him to go with grandad to heaven, but she wanted another one so they could talk to each other.

"I put a plea out of Facebook for a replacement and couldn't believe it when you got in touch.

"I was speechless, totally gobsmacked when I got the message that you had found us one. It's made a really difficult time a little easier."

Harlow store's manager Steve said: "Lexi-Mae looked really happy to have her little toy and her mum was extremely grateful for all the support we had given her. It was the right thing to do. We were just happy to have helped."