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Steven's all smiles after Yvanne arranges a VIP Asda tour

November 28, 2019 02:25 PM

Seven-year-old Steven Urquhart loves shopping at our Dundee Milton store with his mum Maureen every week – and after hearing how much he wanted an Asda name badge colleagues invited him in for a VIP visit to make him feel part of the team.

The store's community champion Yvanne Mclaren heard how much Steven loves Asda when Maureen was on Tay FM talking about him having a tantrum when he was three because he wanted an Asda name badge so much, so got in touch to arrange a behind-the-scenes tour.

Maureen said: "When he was aged three Steven had such a tantrum as he'd seen someone on Facebook wearing an Asda name badge and he wanted one. He just went ballistic for an hour and a half. At the time I just left him to it. He went to bed and when he woke up he was still going on about it.

"When Tay FM asked listeners to say what was their child's worst tantrum I got in touch and they put me on air.

"Even now aged seven he is still obsessed with Asda – he just loves going there. We do our weekly shopping there and even when we're just out in the car he will ask ask if we can go to Asda! He's such a big fan."

Steven was shown around the store with his grandad Steven Stuart who himself visits the store every single day!

Maureen said: "I'd really like to thank lovely Yvanne for taking him round the store – he especially loved looking around the warehouse area. He was given a special name badge and a high-visibility vest. He loves his badge – he's been wearing it every day and he's even worn it and the jacket when we've been shopping in the store. I think he was hoping that someone would ask him to do a shift!"

Yvanne said: "When I heard about Maureen's story on the radio I thought it would be great to invite Steven in to look around. He really loved it. I had the best night showing him round and giving him his very own Asda badge."