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Tyldesley's been given a sprinkle of Christmas magic by our festive TV ad

November 28, 2019 11:23 AM

Tyldesley's been given a sprinkle of Christmas magic by our festive TV ad

By News & Blogs Team
November 28, 2019
The Asda Christmas TV advert was filmed in Tyldsley

We'd like to say a big thank you to the residents of Tyldesley for making us so welcome when we filmed our Christmas TV advert.

Tyldesley, which is near Wigan, hit the headlines in 2016 for its lacklustre festive decorations, so proud local residents have been taking to social media to say how happy they are to see Tyldesley's starring role in the run-up to this Christmas.

Here's a selection of what people have been saying:

Filming for the ad took place in September when School Street was lit up with Christmas trees and the Little Theatre's base was used to film some of the indoor scenes.

To say thank you to everyone for making us so welcome we returned to Tyldesley to give out mince pies and hot chocolate as well as giant Christmas decorations ahead of the town's Christmas lights being turned on:

The ad opens with Tilly, an inquisitive young girl, walking home on a wintery night with her brother Jack. Arriving home, Tilly looks to the sky and spots the Northern Lights above her head. She has a twinkle in her eye, remembering something special her grandfather once told her about Santa’s leftover magic. She begins plotting a way to capture the magic from the sky, settling on a makeshift rod using her grandad’s walking stick with a glass jar on the end – much to her brother Jack's disbelief. Tilly is successful in her mission to capture the magic and begins sharing its glow around her town.

Eilidh Macaskill, Vice President Creative and Media at Asda, said: “Our team loved filming in Tyldesley and getting to know the local community. The residents were so welcoming to us and everyone really got into the festive spirit - despite it only being September when we filmed.”

Watch the advert here: