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Izzy's special bond with 'honorary granddaughter' Ellie

December 06, 2019 12:28 PM

When seven-year-old Ellie McShane helps her parents Richard and Jane with the weekly shop at our Toryglen store she always heads straight for our checkout colleague Izzy Ralston – and they've formed such a special bond that Izzy calls Ellie her "honorary granddaughter".

Ellie, who has Down's Syndrome, has been coming to the store since she was little and loves helping Izzy scan the shopping.

Izzy, who has three children, two step-children and 14 grandchildren, says she loves Izzy like she was one of her own family.

She said: "My heart would just melt every time I saw her and that's when I decided I was going to be her honorary nanny.

"When she first came in she couldn't speak properly and she did a few words in sign language to me like thank you.

"She makes a beeline for me every time she comes into store and if I'm on a break one of my colleagues will come to get me and say 'Ellie's here for you."

"Ellie also brings me in wee drawings and I always end up with a tear in my eye. Every week Richard will say, 'Right Ellie, let's see if we can make Izzy cry today.' I usually do!

"I treat Ellie like one of my own granddaughters. I just love her to bits. She's just a wee sweetie! I get her Easter egg, Halloween goodies, birthday and of course Christmas presents.

"When Ellie started Kirkriggs Primary School we got her a school bag too – it's a family tradition. Nanny and Grandpa always buy them!

"Her mum Jane is always sending me photos where they have pride of place next to my other grandkids.

"I'm so grateful to Jane and Richard for allowing me to be part of their amazing daughter's life. They are such a fantastic couple. They treat me as part of their family, and never forget my birthday or Christmas."

Ellie's dad Richard says a trip to Asda wouldn't be complete without seeing Izzy.

He said: "We've been coming to Asda with Ellie since she was a baby and we always go to Izzy's checkout – Ellie wouldn't have it any other way, They have such a special bond.

"Izzy is such a unique person. She's just great – a really bubbly personality with a cheeky streak too. She is wonderful with Ellie, which is the main thing. Ellie loves going behind the till and helping Izzy.

"Izzy is such a generous person. She is part of the family. When there's a school photo, Izzy gets one too, just like any other grandparent."

The store's community champion Elizabeth Arbuckle said: "Izzy is one of the kindest people I know and this story reflects on her big personality and even bigger heart.

"She always takes part in all our fundraising store events going that extra mile. She is a very special lady living the Asda values every day.

"Her special friendship with Ellie and her family is just so touching I just wanted to share it with everyone. Izzy is a lovely genuine caring person and and amazing colleague who always has a big friendly smile."

The store's manager Chris Davidson says everyone is proud of Izzy's caring attitude.

He said: "The friendship she has with Ellie and her family over the years shows she is a caring and friendly person with a big heart. Izzy always takes time to serve her customers and makes them feel special, and it's this type of service that really makes the difference and sets Asda colleagues apart. Well done Izzy – she is a real asset to our store."