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Delivery driver Brian raises alarm after spotting elderly customer had fallen

December 10, 2019 11:03 AM

Everyone at our Cumbernauld store is proud of our home shopping colleague Brian Chisholm who sprang into action when he spotted an elderly customer was lying on the floor of her sheltered housing flat after a fall.

Brian suspected something was wrong when the customer didn't answer the door when he delivered her home shopping. So he shouted through the letter box and, after getting no response, pushed open the door only to find her lying on the floor.

After quickly checking on her, Brian raised the alarm by alerting the wardens who called 999 for paramedics. He then stayed with her, comforting her until medical help arrived. She was then taken to hospital for check-ups.

A humble Brian, 59, who's worked at our Cumbernauld store for four years, said: "I didn't do anything anyone else wouldn't do.

"I'm just glad that I was there and managed to help. She may have been lying there a while until the carers came round. She had a nasty lump on her head where she'd fallen.

"It's the beauty of getting to know your customers and realising when something is just not right.

"She's a regular customer who's elderly and disabled and she's always in when we deliver, so when she didn't answer alarm bells went off."

The store's people manager Karen Bess says everyone at the store is proud of Brian.

She said: "This is a truly inspiring example of quick thinking, knowing your customers and doing the right thing. We are all extremely proud of him.

"Brian could have easily walked away when there was no answer, but he sensed something was just not right."