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Bev arranges an extra special Christmas party for disability charity

December 24, 2019 08:54 AM

Our Watford store's community champion Bev Ashdown pulled out all the stops to arrange an extra special Christmas party for DRUM – a local charity supporting people with physical or sensory disabilities.

Bev helped the charity apply for a donation from the Asda Foundation to pay for the party, and then secured extra funding to add a little extra Christmas magic by organising a magician and singer to entertain the guests.

Bev, who helped serve the meal with store manager Chris Good, volunteers with the charity each week.

She said: "I just love them and I'd do anything for them. It's a wonderful place which does a range of activities for a mix of people, but mainly to those who have had strokes or heart attacks.

"They do wheelchair dance, yoga, arts and crafts among other things as well as chiropody, hairdressing and massage. It is a lifeline for a lot of people.

"The majority of the team there are volunteers and they are wonderful. They rely on fundraising as it's a huge amount of money needed to keep it running.

"We do try to help them financially with their Christmas parties, but this time we thought we'd do something a little extra special by bringing in a singer and magician.

"They do like to have a good old singsong – there's always music on when I go down."

The charity is celebrating its 25th anniversary and Sarah Sullivan, manager at DRUM, said: "Asda and Bev have been brilliant as usual. We'd really like to really thank them for their continued support.

"Bev is such a fantastic community champion. Not only does she help us to get funding she actively comes down once a week too. Her help is enormous.

"She is a such a lovely lady and we see her as part of the team here. We know that she will do everything she possibly can for you.

"Getting the donation for the Christmas party in the first place was brilliant, but to be told that Asda was going to do something a little bit extra was so exciting. It came as a complete surprise.

"We could not have done anything like this without the extra funding, it has made all the difference.

"The Christmas lunch was brilliant for our members and their carers too. Some live on their own so it was great for them to get the chance to come here and chat to others."