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We've made changes to our card-only checkouts thanks to David's suggestions

February 05, 2020 02:13 PM

We've made changes to the card-only checkouts at all our stores thanks to some really helpful suggestions from Asda Grangemouth customer David Allen.

David, who has autism and is ENABLE Scotland’s Change Champion, contacted the store's manager Kevin McPhee last August with the help of his local MSP Angus MacDonald to explain why he thought the card-only checkouts could be confusing.

He said that because the checkouts had only a written text sign warning that they didn’t accept cash, and didn’t use colour, the warnings were too easily overlooked and could cause confusion and stress for people wanting to pay cash, especially those with learning disabilities or visual impairments.

David suggested using pictorial representations, colour warnings and a voice prompt to alert customers that the checkouts are card-only, and after a successful trial using his suggestions – as well as changing the checkout screen resolution and background colour and adding bevelled edges to the screen buttons to make them more user-friendly for people with visual impairments – we're now launching the new-look checkouts across the UK.

David, who called in at the store to see the changes for himself, said: “Thank you Asda! This will help a lot of people and their support workers. I’m so proud that someone with autism has achieved this change for everyone in Scotland and across the UK. I hope the other supermarkets do the same now.”

Kevin says he was delighted to be able to make the changes after David and Angus called in to explain how the the shopping experience could be improved at the card-only checkouts.

He said: “We aim to offer an easy and friendly shopping experience for all our customers, and David’s feedback, and the wider work of ENABLE Scotland, is really valuable to help us deliver this. When David approached us and explained the problem, we knew it was the right thing to do to make these changes in all our stores across the UK and we’re so pleased that David is happy with the result.”

Angus, who also called in at the store to see the new changes for himself, said: “The changes Asda have made will benefit so many people in my constituency and across Scotland and the UK – for David to have taken this on and achieved this change is no mean feat, and it is testament to his passion to make society a better place for everyone that these changes have been made.

“I was delighted to be at Asda Grangemouth to see these new machines in practice. I would encourage other supermarkets to take their lead from them to ensure that they are doing the right thing to make their stores more accessible for all of their customers.

“So, congratulations to all involved in securing such a fantastic outcome: David Allan, Asda and ENABLE Scotland. It’s fair to say that’s a job well done by everyone!”

ENABLE Scotland director Jan Savage said: “David’s record of local activism made him an obvious choice as an ENABLE Scotland Change Champion, and we’re so proud that he has used the training, knowledge and skills he gained on our project to engage positively with Asda to truly ‘Be The Change’ – making checkouts more accessible for hundreds of thousands of people across the UK. David is a shining example of the empowerment and self-advocacy that ENABLE Scotland stands for.”