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Happy Valentine's Day to the couple who met at Asda Aintree

February 07, 2020 12:22 PM

Our colleagues Heather Wheeler and Liam Williams are getting ready to celebrate an extra special Valentine's Day – their last one together before they get married.

The couple met seven years ago at our Aintree store and Heather, who's 32, said: "I always joke that our eyes met over the milk cartons.

"I was appointed section leader on chilled and Liam was on nights so we had to hand over to each other on a morning. We started speaking that way and we got on really well. We used to walk the shop together and had a really good laugh.

"Liam asked if I go on a date with him but for the first two months I said 'no, not a chance'... because I wasn't sure about a work relationship. But I said okay and we had our first date in Liverpool city centre at Nando's at the end of 2012.

"We both really enjoy working for Asda. We've got good friends here and have family who work for Asda too."

Liam's mum and dad, Angela and Alan, both work at Asda Bootle and used to work at Asda Aintree too.

Heather said: "I actually knew Liam's mum before I knew Liam! I started out working with her on checkouts and we struck up a friendship and I remember her speaking about Liam but never knowing who he was. So when Liam first asked me out I didn't know it was Angela's son. It's a really small world!

"Some of our colleagues couldn't get over it really because we're very opposite personalities. Liam's a lot more confident and I wasn't at the time ... but Liam brought out a lot more confidence in me."

Liam is night replenishment section leader at our Aintree store, while Heather is now an administration manager at our nearby Sefton Park store. She started on checkouts at Asda Aintree 12 years ago and says she loves Liam's sense of humour.

She said: "We worked together at the store for about four to five years before I moved to Asda Sefton – we were always on different departments however. To be fair as it's such a big shop we only got to see each other at dinnertime. Everyone knew we were together; we never hid anything."

The couple got engaged in London in June 2016.

Heather said: "I never expected it. Liam surprised me with tickets for London, but I thought it was just to see my friends. I didn't think it would ever be a proposal! But we went to London and he had a backpack with him and I kept asking what was in it – and he kept saying it was a gift for a friend as a thank you for hosting us.

"We went to a pub near London Bridge and there was a beer garden on the front next to the River Thames. I went in to get a drink with my friend and when I came out Liam was down on one knee! I said yes there and then."

Liam, who's 31, said: "I was just trying to find the right place and the right time. People never expected me to that romantic!"

The couple are tying the knot in September this year at the Corinth Grange Hotel in Liverpool.

Heather said: "The wedding's a lot bigger than we expected it to be. There's going to be 60 people in the day and we can go up to 150 on the night. We've a few colleagues coming in the daytime, but a lot more are going to to the evening part. There's pretty much an open invitation for Asda Aintree in the evening as we know so many people there."

For their honeymoon they are jetting off to Cyprus. Heather said: "We can't wait for it – it looks beautiful and it'll be well deserved after a week of chaos, I think."

Our Aintree store manager Lee Keeling has known Heather and Liam for six years.

He said: "I've worked with both of them and they are lovely individuals. It's so nice that they've got each other.

"They are very happy go lucky and they're the life and soul of the party.They've got a really good friend base in store and they are very highly thought of.

"And regarding the wedding I think it was a case of when, rather than if I'm being honest. I think they've invited everyone here to the wedding and I'd say their passion for Asda is the same as the passion for themselves – they love it!"

The store's community champion Jenny Cotterill said: "Everyone in the store is made up for them. They are so well liked here and they know a lot of people.

"I think it's brilliant that they met in store, got engaged and are getting married.

"They're really good together ... Heather does keep Liam in check mind!"