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How we test our Little Angels Soothers

Our baby and nursery technical manager, Simon Hollidge, explains some of the testing procedures that our soothers go through to ensure they're safe for our customers to use...

By Simon Hollidge

February 7, 2020 00:22pm
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At Asda we take the safety of all of our products very seriously, but we take even greater care with our baby and nursery ranges as we know how important this is for our customers. Be that from nappies or wipes, to toys or clothing, we have strict procedures in place with each and every one of our suppliers which makes sure that the products we sell are 100% safe for our customers and their babies.

And when it comes to soothers there is no difference. All our Little Angels Soothers are tested to the BS EN 1400:2013+A2:2018 child use and care standard, which is in place to certify that the soothers are safe for use. This includes each and every one being tested to withhold a 9.2KG weight – that’s the equivalent of nine large bags of sugar.

The standard ensures all soothers are bite resistant and recommends we use materials such as silicone, which is durable for longer periods of time. The standard also means that soothers have adequate ventilation so that in the very rare case that the whole soother may enter the mouth of the child, they will still be able to breathe. If this does happen, customers should call the emergency services straight away.

Even with all the testing that is completed, we know how important the safety of their children is to customers. We’ve put together some safety tips for customers when using soothers:

  • Before using the soother for the first time, place it in boiling water for five minutes, allow to cool and then squeeze the teat to remove any water left inside

  • Products should always be used under adult supervision

  • Ensure you are using a soother that’s the right age for your baby – all of our soothers are clearly labelled with the appropriate age range

  • Soothers are designed differently to suit lots of mouth shapes

  • Inspect the soother before you use it and also straight away after each use

  • Pull the soother teat in all directions to make sure its is attached securely

  • Throw the soother away at the first signs of damage or weakness

  • Replace the soother after four weeks for hygiene and safety reasons

  • If in the unlikely circumstance that the soother becomes lodged in the baby's mouth, remove it from the mouth as carefully and as gently as possible. The soother cannot be swallowed and it has been carefully designed so that this type of situation can be swiftly rectified

  • Never dip the teat in sweet substances or medicine as this causes tooth decay

  • Soothers are dishwasher safe, so you can wash it – but keep it on the top shelf only!

  • All of our soothers are suitable for all forms of sterilisation.

If any of our customers do feel that our products are not up to the standard they expect, then we would welcome their feedback. They can get in contact with our customer service team on 0800 9520101.

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