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'Future delivery drivers' Logan and Jenson love playing in their own mini-Asda at home

February 14, 2020 10:16 AM

Brothers Logan and Jenson Gates love everything about Asda thanks to their grandma Andrea – and they were so inspired when they were given a behind-the-scenes tour of the Isle of Wight store where she works that they've recreated their own Asda at her home, complete with a home delivery van!

The boys, who are seven and four, were recently invited in along with other colleagues' families – and loved having a go on the tills, exploring behind the scenes, and sitting in the delivery vans – and now pretending to be at Asda is their favourite game.

Andrea said: "Instead of watching television or playing computer games they've always wanted to play shops when they've come round to ours. Of all the presents they got for Christmas all they want to do is play with this. They play for hours and hours. It's so lovely."

Andrea says the boys have become really interested in Asda since she started working at the store two years ago.

She said: "Logan would sit at the table with the laptop open and Jenson would pretend he was a customer and grab some items, like crisps and biscuits, which he would take to be 'scanned' – but now it's progressed to home shopping!

"They made a delivery van by putting a cardboard box onto the back of an old tractor. My husband Paul printed some Asda logos off and stuck them on and also put some lights on too. Logan does the driving and Jenson helps.

"We have to pretend to phone in orders and they will put the items in the lorry. They pretend to go to homes, delivering the shopping, chatting to customers and handing over money."

Andrea, who works in the George department, says Logan and Jenson love our delivery vans – and were really excited to sit in one when they came along to the big get-together held at the store for colleagues' families.

She said: "They absolutely loved it and Clare our community champion was brilliant with them. They had a go on the tills and also got he chance ti beep the horn in one of the delivery lorries.

"Logan calls himself Kenny the boss, and he loved meeting our general store manager Kenny Farrell."

Kenny said it was lovely to meet the boys and wonderful to see how interested they are in the store.

He said: "It's always nice to feel you're a role model; it's very flattering."

Claire said the boys were a delight to have in store, saying: "Amazingly while the boys were here we had a delivery and the artic driver let them look around his lorry too. They absolutely loved it and didn't stop smiling.

"They are both besotted with Asda. They are definitely home delivery drivers of the future!"