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Forget actors and princes, it’s builders who get our pulses racing

January 1, 2016 02:48pm
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  • Latest trend favours men who look more rugged

  • 54% of women prefer a man with ‘strength’ and ‘physical ability’

  • Builders and plumbers are the sexiest professionals

  • George at Asda now selling exclusive Genuine Dickies workwear

  • Hugh Jackman, Heath Ledger, Russell Crowe and Brad Pitt voted the nations hottest hunks

Eddie Redmayne and the royals may come across as the most dapper dressers, but it turns out their smart choice of suit and gentlemanly manners are not so appealing to the women of Britain.

George at Asda has polled 1,000* Brits to reveal what women want from a man in 2016. The metrosexual is out and the macho is in. Put down that moisturiser and remove that man-bag boys, because metrosexuality is well and truly over.

Results show that when it comes to male attributes, the modern women now looks for a man who can tackle the DIY at home, catch the spider in the bathroom and keep her warm at night.

When asked who would be the ideal man, topping the polls were macho role models David Beckham (53%) Hugh Jackman (45%), Heath Ledger (41%), Russell Crowe (38%) and Brad Pitt (34%).

Women’s tastes are far more down to earth than we may think. Over half of females (53%) voted building and plumbing (51%) as the sexiest professions, listing the qualities of ‘rough and ready’, ‘strength’ and ‘physical ability’ to be more attractive than ‘sophistication’ and ‘being gentlemanly.’

More than a third of women aged 19 to 25 agreed that men in hard hats got them hot under the collar. Gardeners took the fourth spot after turning the heads of 43% of the women polled. A further 39% went for carpenters, placing them fourth of the most wanted list, while fireman (29%) and doctors shared fifth spot on 29%.

Only 11% of women voted businessmen in suits attractive. Out of all the male professions pilots were the least likely to sweep women off their feet, coming in fifth place with just 5% of the vote.

The research also highlighted the physical attributes that women find most attractive in men. Hairy men are desired by nearly 75% of women, with a third (31%) finding ‘shaggy hair’ and ‘beer bellies’ sexy. We’re a nation of macho lovers who appreciate the more ‘masculine’ attributes of the male sex.

George at Asda has launched Genuine Dickies, the internationally renowned workwear brand, previously only available at specialist retailers, to allow its customers access to tradesmen workwear whilst buying there breakfast or lunch.

An Asda spokesperson at George commented: “Bringing a brand like Genuine Dickies on board is perfect for our customer base. There are a huge number of tradesmen across every discipline that shop at George and Asda every day. It just made sense to provide this extra service, where these existing customers can also buy their workwear at George as part of their normal day - making it incredibly convenient but crucially, incredibly good value.”

George at Asda’s exclusive Genuine Dickies collection is available to buy now in-store and online at www.George.com

David Beckham (53%)
Hugh Jackman (45%)
Heath Ledger (41%)
Russell Crowe (38%)
Brad Pitt (34%)
Jude Law (29%)
Ben Affleck (22%)
Jonny Depp (17%)
Christian Bale (11%)
Tom Hardy (7%)
Builder (53%)
Plumber (51%)
Gardener (43%)
Carpenters (39%)
Fireman (29%)
Doctor (29%)
Estate agent (19%)
Lawyer (11%)
Sailor (8%)
Pilot (5%)

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