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Jean-ious: First ever stretch jeans….for men

  • HALF of men can’t live without jeans, but admit to buying women’s styles for comfort
  • A QUARTER of men wish their jeans had more body shape
  • 18% of men are JEALOUS of denim selection for women

LONG-suffering British men can finally say goodbye to uncomfortable, non-stretch jeans. George at Asda has launched the first stretch denim for men, as it’s unveiled one in five* fashionable fellas admit to buying women’s jeans for comfort.

Ladies have always had breadth of choice when it comes to denim; firming, flattening, shaping and stretching; somewhat of a bugbear for one in five men who say they’re jealous of the choice available to women.

A quarter of men also crave more body shape from their jeans and say denim that loses shape and becomes unflattering after a few wears, is a real pet hate.

For pragmatic men comfort is just as crucial. When asked what is their preferred jean, nearly half of men (49%) opt for a straight leg cut, because they feel skinny jeans are too tight and restrictive.

Denim is a staple of any wardrobe and almost half of men admit they can’t live without jeans, seeing them as a wardrobe essential. However a quarter (25%) struggle to get the shape and movement they want. So much so that half of men avoid wearing jeans in the New Year when comfort is a necessity.

As the nation tackle the festive bulge this January, George has seen sales of the men’s stretch denim skyrocket with a quarter of a million flying off the shelves since the launch.

Jonathan Tillery, Senior Buying Director for menswear at George commented: “Men’s fashion has come such a long way, it’s only right that today gents have the same breadth of choice when it comes to denim as women. Jeans are such a staple item and comfort is a key factor in the quest for the perfect jean. We hope our new stretch denim will offer both comfort style, this New Year."

The new stretch denim range promises to provide men with the choice without compromising on comfort. There are over 12 styles to choose from, at just £12 online at www.George.com.