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The Curse of the Ladder

January 22, 2016 02:37pm
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  • UK women spend £3,000 on tights in a lifetime

  • One in ten women wear tights most days

  • 66% of women find that tights ladder after the first wear

  • “Pulling up tights in public”, biggest bugbear for women

Over half of women in Britain wear tights for at least 90% of the year but 66% of us find that tights ladder after the first wear. In response, George at Asda, has launched a ‘revolutionary ladder resistant technology’ to its tight range, designed to stop tights from running – Lycra Xtra Life.

Following a poll commissioned for George at Asda, research* reveals that UK women are spending £3000 on tights over the course of a lifetime. When asked why tights are so important to the women of Britain, 37% claimed they are essential for special occasions, 10% wear for warmth and 9% stated that they have to wear them to work. A staggering 63% even admitted to wearing tights throughout the summer.

However, a quarter of us admit to buying a new pair of tights every two to three months, with laddering and baggy waistbands being the two biggest reasons for a new purchase.

Further stats reveal that nearly half (42%) of women over 45 have given up wearing tights all together, simply to avoid ladders and tight malfunctions. 55% of women under 35 say that they often have to pull up their tights in public, with nearly a quarter (16%) believing that the best fitting tights are out of their price range.

Comfort and fit is key for us Brits when it comes to tights, with 16% saying that tights are often too tight and uncomfortable. For almost a third (28%) of women, tights are too long or short and 8% say they find that tights shrink after washing.

When it comes to regional splits, Londoners are the most likely to spend the most money on tights, with 23% purchasing a new pair every two to four weeks. East Anglia and the East Midlands admit to only purchasing a new pair of tights once a year.

Women from the West Midlands, who are known to go tight less throughout the year, haven’t changed this stereotypical view, with 38% of women from Birmingham claiming that they do not wear tights, even in the winter. A quarter (25%) of women from Coventry admit to wearing tights most days, and purchase a new pair at least once a month.

Women's Top 10 'Tight Bugbears’:

  1. Tights laddering on the first wear (66%)
  2. Pulling tights up in public (39%)
  3. The legs too short/long (28%)
  4. Sagging ankles (27%)
  5. Baggy on the waist (17%)
  6. Tights are too tight and uncomfortable (15%)
  7. Loosing their shape after washing (13%)
  8. Buying the wrong colour, due to lighting in shops (12%)
  9. Buying the wrong denier (11%)
  10. Being unable to find the right shade for their skin-tone (8%)

A George spokesperson commented: “With more than 25 years of customer feedback, we know that tights are the holy grail of the lingerie drawer and an item of clothing that women cannot live without – but it can be really tricky to find a pair that perfectly suits your size and shape, as well as one that doesn’t ladder after the first wear.

Our George customers love celebrity tight advocates like Kate Middleton; George.com has been flooded with searches for tights, which have become a wardrobe staple for the Duchess all year round. The Lycra Xtra Life technology that features in the ladder resistant tights ensures that small and limited holes do not grow or turn into runs. We think that Kate will love our ladder resistant tights as much as our customers, Kate can look ladder perfect at every royal occasion!”

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