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Laws of Fashion Attraction

  • 81% of daters will form an opinion on their love interest solely on what they’re wearing
  • One in ten men say they’ll apply fake tan and men’s cosmetics for Valentine’s dates
  • 65% of Brits will buy something new to wear for the occasion
  • George and The London College of Fashion reveal the top tips for attracting someone special this Valentine’s Day
  • Don’t show too much skin, suggesting is better than revealing

This weekend is set to be a night of romance, but the crux to a successful night could all be down to what you wear.

A survey of 2,000 people, commissioned by George at Asda, reveals 81% of people will make an instant decision on a person’s personality based solely on what they’re wearing.

It seems Brits are fully aware of this and whether it’s a first date or an old date, a huge 65% of Brits will buy something new to wear for Valentine’s Day. Over a quarter of men expect to receive something to wear from their partners, but 30% of women say they would prefer their boyfriend or husband not to choose clothing for them.

Research exposes that it is not just females that will turn to their cosmetics bag this weekend. A staggering one in ten men surveyed admit they will apply make up and fake tan to perfect their looks on the day of love.

An Asda spokesperson at George, said: “Whether you’re single or coupled up there’s plenty of fun to be had on Valentine’s Day, both in terms of where you go, what you do and of course what you wear. Some people will dress to impress where as others will opt for the demure look, it’s up to you which style you pick to celebrate! As a one stop shop, we cater for all people wanting to spread some love this Valentine’s.”

London College of Fashion expert - Dr Carolyn Mair* - has revealed how to attract the opposite sex and how to seal the night with that all important kiss.

Top Tips to Attract the Opposite Sex:

Top Tips for Women:

  • For those who aren’t as body confident - clothing in reflective fabrics such as sequins or silk work just as well because they suggest rather than reveal. We are programmed to respond to movement and therefore these fabrics are especially eye-catching because they reflect the light when we move
  • Legs are also appealing because they draw the eye upwards to the thigh etc. Wearing sparkly stilettos (which also give the illusion of longer legs) and/or tights with patterns that draw the eye upwards give a fun and attractive look
  • Don’t show too much skin if the person you hope to attract is a little shy. This season's sheer fabrics are perfect as they give a signal and yet keep some mystery
  • In nature, red is a signal of sexuality and fertility. When a woman wears red she is more attractive, but whatever colour clothing a woman wears, red lipstick will make her even more attractive to the opposite sex

Top Tips for Men:

  • Men wearing blue may increase women's attraction as blue is said to be associated with dependability and trustworthiness. Research has also found that when a man wears red, he is perceived as of higher status and therefore more attractive.
  • Don’t be afraid to make an effort. It signals you care enough about that person and yourself to put in the extra work
  • For a more relaxed look, a new shirt or jumper with casual, well-fitting trousers or jeans always look good. We know women like men to look thoughtful and vice versa, men prefer women to look happy
  • Men can't go wrong with a tie! This makes him look suave and successful, both good from an evolutionary perspective. If this feels too formal, try dressing it down with a pair of jeans.

Top Tips for a night out with friends:
If you’re not looking for romance this Valentine’s Day but instead opt to dress up for a night out with friends, then colours can still help achieve a desired effect on how people view you**:

· Yellow, orange – Evokes happiness & warmth
· Blue – Great for coming across as calm & avoiding stress
· Red – An obvious choice for seduction
· Dark green, navy & brown – Helps to command power & empowerment
· Peach, rose, pink – Soft, approachable shades suitable for making friends & engaging people

General top tips and no no’s:
Valentine’s day is a great opportunity to stand out and look striking, but knowing the ‘rules’ can help, especially if there is someone special in the picture.

What to do:

  • Dress appropriately for the venue, or if it’s a surprise dress classy but safe
  • The choice of outfit is easier if the aim is simply to make an impression. Lace, leather, silk and velvet will let you do this, as will sequins and lurex

What not to do:

  • Although showing a lot of flesh will attract attention, it might not be appropriate for your date. With flesh on display, less is more and being a little mysterious goes a long way
  • Don’t wear something you haven’t previously tried on. The key to feeling confident is planning and preparation, perhaps even get a friend to give you their opinion on your outfit to ensure you’re 100% happy with your choice

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