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  • 57% of people hope to get lucky this weekend
  • George at Asda TRIPLES baby and nursery range, predicting a Valentine’s baby boom in October
  • 85% of lovers will celebrate Valentine’s day
  • Sales of lingerie and champagne at Asda rocket ahead of the day of love

This weekend the nation is set for a whirlwind of romance and passion as research reveals 85% of Brits are planning a seductive night with their other half. In response, George at Asda has tripled stock of its baby and nursery range in anticipation of a baby boom in nine months’ time.

Following a survey commissioned by George at Asda, it’s not just the lucky in love that are preparing for a red hot weekend, as 61% of singletons are planning a big night out with their friends to celebrate the single life, with 57% of singletons hoping to get lucky this weekend.

Following the ‘Greyby Boom’ trend of last year, spurred by Fifty Shades of Grey, George at Asda buyers predict sales of baby blankets and baby grows in particular, will fly off the shelves in nine months time. Sales are expected to hit the 10,000 mark throughout October and November, as parents panic buy the newborn essentials.

The move is a result of sales trend analysis, which has shown a clear correlation between a newborn sales spike and the nine-month period after Valentine’s Day.

When it comes to preparation for the most romantic day of the year, over a third (36%) of Brits even reveal they have been gearing up for the day of love since the 1st January. The majority (52%) of randy romantics are really dressing to impress this weekend. It’s no surprise, the supermarket retailer has revealed a sudden spike in sales across lingerie and nightwear this month, as the nation prepares for a night of love and affection. 40% of females surveyed admit they will splash their cash on brand new clothing and treat themselves to lavish lingerie especially for the occasion.

Research also suggests that it’s not just women who will be hitting the shops to purchase romantic gifts and raunchy outfits for their other half. One in ten (12%) men admit they too will upgrade their wardrobe and spruce up their appearance with a slap of fake tan (18%) and even make up (11%) to impress the one they love.

A George spokesperson said: “Our George customers have a real taste for romance at this time of year. George.com has been inundated with searches for lingerie and chocolate ahead of the day of love this weekend. To ensure that we stay one step ahead of our raunchy romantics we have increased stock levels of our baby range by a third, so that come November we have everything our customers need at this nine month milestone!”