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Welsh family bakery celebrates new flavour rissole with supermarket

  • Local Swansea supplier has developed a new Welsh flavoured cheese and leek rissole with Asda
  • Welsh business has been in the family for 80 years and has over 260 years of bakery experience

A local Swansea business with 80 years of heritage is celebrating the launch of its newest product line – a cheese and leek flavour rissole – which is now on the shelves at xx Asda stores across Wales.

The new offering is made with Welsh Colliers cheese as Asda continues to encourage local suppliers to use local Welsh produce. The new cheese and leek flavour rissole will enhance the popular range, sitting alongside the successful and now established corned beef rissole that is stocked at Asda supermarkets.

Lewis Pies, which was founded in 1936, first started supplying around xx Asda stores across Wales in YEAR.

The bakery was founded by Wilfred Charles Lewis in Swansea, and remained in the family when in the late 1970s, brothers Wilf and John Lewis formed a partnership and took the business over from their father.

What started off as a business of four, Lewis Pies now employs approximately 120 full time members of staff, who have over 260 years of bakery experience between them, ensuring that quality ingredients are purchased and quality products are manufactured in a food safe environment.

Matt Trigg, Asda’s local sourcing and events manager for Wales, said: “We work closely with our local suppliers across the country, and listen to customer feedback, to ensure that our shelves are always stocked with the most innovative produce available that are that little bit extra special.

“Lewis Pies has a rich history and has been doing Swansea and Wales proud for decades. Renowned for their pies and pastier, Lewis are the only supplier who produce rissoles and we are very excited about the latest listing, which really champions Welsh produce.”

Wilf Lewis, said: “The new flavour rissole is proving a major success across Asda stores in Wales and we look forward to introducing new flavours in the near future.

“A special thank you must go to Matt and Asda; whose commitment to providing local suppliers with opportunities and the tools to grow is one of the reasons we’re still here today.”

The Swansea based company now sells more products each year with Asda and employs 260 people at its headquarters on Swansea West Business Park.

Customers will be able to taste the new flavour rissole, along with other favourites from Lewis Pies at Asda Caerphilly on Friday 29 April from 10 am.