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George v. Ralph Lauren causes sales surge

June 1, 2016 01:21pm
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• Ch 4’s Supershoppers pits Ralph Lauren against George – Asda comes out on top
• Sales of the black George polo featured on screen are up a whopping 23%
• George’s polo is 1067% more affordable than Ralph Lauren version

Polo shirts have firmly been thrust into the spotlight by Channel 4’s Supershoppers programme which aired last night. In the battle between a Ralph Lauren and George at Asda polo shirt, the supermarket retailer galloped ahead, and a sales surge has sky rocketed for the item.

The programme saw a textiles lab carry out a number of tests on the designer item and its discount counterpart. Asda was the clear winner when it came to testing, seam strength, bobbling and colour durability. As a result, George has seen the black polo tested on the show increase in sales by 23%.

The Polo shirt, available in over six different colours, is 1076% more affordable than the Ralph Lauren shirt. Buyers at George have put in an additional order to cater for demand.

A George spokesperson said: “At George it’s all about providing designs and materials that work for busy family life. We spend a lot of time developing the most durable clothes, from reinforced knees in school uniforms to polo shirts that will stand the test of time. You could say we’re the Ralph Lauren for real families.”

The George at Asda polo shirt range is available in-store & online at George.com

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