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Heels with bikinis and men with vests voted worst holiday fashion faux pas

June 1, 2016 06:57pm
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  • Worst holiday fashion includes ‘Brits abroad’ style patriotic clothing

  • 1/5 of men meticulously plan each holiday outfit

  • Brits spend £75 on holiday wardrobe in a bid to please the fash-pack

  • Cambridge least fashionable area of UK compared with Aberystwyth as the most stylish

Despite being a style staple on The Only Way is Essex and Geordie Shore, heels with bikinis and men in vests are truly crimes against fashion according to a new survey.

A poll of 2,000 Brits by George at Asda reveals the worst fashion faux pas and Brits abroad are in trouble as patriotic garb is out of the window.

Brits are on average spending £75 on their holiday wardrobe and it’s all about experimenting. One in five admit they own items in their holiday wardrobe that they would never wear in the UK.

A quarter admit to having a hugely different sense of style as soon as they step off the plane, with 27% of women trying new styles for the first time when abroad. In contrast, a fifth of men will meticulously pre plan every single holiday outfit before they leave for the airport – compared to just a third of women.

But some of us remain creatures of habit. A huge 60% will simply re-use old holiday clothing year after year, with 43% revealing the majority of their clothing is more than five years old.

Forget the Oxford Vs. Cambridge rivalry. When it comes to style Aberystwyth is the most fashion conscious city with 33% of people saying looking good is the most important part of their holiday. This is in stark contrast with over half (55%) of those in Cambridge who say they simply don’t care how they look.

Top 10 Worst Summer Trends

  1. Heels around the swimming pool

  2. Men in vests

  3. Patriotic clothing

  4. Ill-fitting swimwear

  5. White socks with sandals

  6. Neon clothing

  7. Bum bags

  8. Cut out bathing suits

  9. CrocsShell necklaces and wooden beads

  10. Crochet

A spokesperson from George at Asda said: “Although Brits love to be adventurous it seems there’s a fine line between experimental and a questionable fashion sense. The best advice when it comes to your holiday wardrobe is stick to what suits you and what you feel comfortable in. Having trusty old favourites you feel great in means more wears per item so everyone’s a winner. “

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