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Perfect formula for bikini test drive

The ‘Bounce Test’, the ‘Sangria Sit’, the ‘Swimming Pool Slip’ and the ‘Poolside Lounger’ identified as common poses women test out when trying on swimwear

June 1, 2016 01:18pm
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  • HALF of women find bikini buying the most stressful part of holiday planning

  • 38% of women purchase swimwear in a size too small

  • Bright lights, cramped spaces and no rear view mirrors mean swimwear is voted one of the most difficult purchases of the year

  • George at Asda gives you the perfect formula for trying on a bikini for the first timethis summer

Today, George has revealed what goes on behind closed changing room doors in a new survey revealing the nation’s swimwear buying fears.

More than a quarter (27%) of women admit to putting swimwear to a rigorous test before committing to buy, by striking a number of ‘holiday’ typical poses at home or in the changing room to check how they will look from every angle.

Poses include:

  • The Bounce Test - a light jump to ensure your top half stays in place

  • The Sangria Sit - a seated pose to check how supportive both halves are when relaxing over lunch / drinks

  • The Swimming Pool Slip - checking how tight fitting the bottom half is in order to smoothly get out the pool every time

  • The Poolside Lounger - a more relaxed, lying down pose designed to check for potential ‘spillages’

When preparing to buy swimwear, 23% of women aged 35-44 bring heels with them or fake tan in a bid to make their legs look leaner and feel more confident. 46% of bikini-phobes will shave their legs prior and 11% admit to taking extra care with their hair and make-up to ensure they look and feel their best. A further 10% will skip a meal to avoid the post lunch bloat. Brits voted bright lights, cramped spaces and lack of ventilation as the biggest changing room bugbears.

Body conscious women spend an average of £31 every year on unworn swimwear purchases, with a third (29%) admitting to purchasing swimwear that they have never worn on holiday. 32% say fit is the biggest struggle when it comes to bikini purchasing, and a quarter (25%) of women feel less confident after trying on a bikini for the first time following the long winter months. 71% of 18-24 year olds find buying a bikini the most stressful part of preparing for a holiday.

Search terms on George.com show the nation is already thinking about the warm weather and planning holidays with ‘bikini’, ‘shorts’ and ‘kimonos’ all featuring in the top ten most searched words.

Nationwide, Londoners struggle the most with finding the perfect fit (40%) and the Welsh (26%) are the most likely to plan their diet and exercise regime at least six months before going on holiday. The most self-conscious are those from Northern Ireland (13%), who are the most likely to prepare for swimwear shopping by fake tanning and getting their hair done before the trip.

In a bid to encourage customers to feel confident and confident in their swimwear purchase, George offers a 100-day guarantee for returns, including swimwear, and has also pulled together tips from the top to give the nation the perfect bikini buying formula.

Joanne Aitken and Jade Snart, Technical Managers at George*, recommend top tips for buying the perfect bikini and key trends we can expect to see on the beaches this year:*

Top tips & formula for swimwear shopping:

  1. Always try swimwear on in a light, airy room so you can assess the real colour of the garment

  2. Move around and try out various poses to ensure no unfortunate wardrobe mishaps will occur

  3. Always raise your arms to ensure the top half doesn’t ride up and the bottom half is tight enough to avoid slipping down

  4. If you’re trying out a style with underwire, make sure that the wire is sitting against the breast bone for the best possible lift and comfort

  5. Not everyone is a neat size 14. Feel free to try on different sizes for your top and bottom half if you need to. If you don’t feel comfortable in the changing room, you won’t on the beach

  6. If you plan to be around the pool, why not buy a bikini bottom style that features ties - that way you can double knot them when you’re in the water to avoid any potentially embarrassing situations

  7. If you’re sun cream conscious - avoid any styles with complicated straps so it’s as easy as possible to get an even coverage

Key swimwear trends for 2016:

  • One pieces will be coming back bigger than ever this year - think Baywatch styles in bright colours. Great for added protection and comfort
  • If you’re looking for something a little different, textured fabrics is a huge trend for 2016. It helps to add detail if you’re after a bolder style
  • Stripes - if you’re looking to accentuate you’re bust then go for a horizontal stripe but if you want to minimize hips, then a vertical stripe is best for you
  • High shine fabrics are great if you want to stand out from the crown in the sun - bright colour blocking is regularly teamed with this look and it great to for making a statement
  • Bold prints, especially Aztec is huge this year. Other highlights include feminine florals and paisley

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