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Pints not pants

New survey reveals men’s underwear habits

July 1, 2016 06:37pm
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  • British men splash more cash on beer than briefs

  • Men begrudge spending more than £5 on underwear

  • White boxer sales decline to 6% of purchases

  • 60% of men NEVER buy their own underwear

  • 11% buy new underwear rather than wash what’s been worn

It’s official – your partner spends more money on beer than he does on his underwear, according to a new survey on men’s drawers carried out by George at Asda. In a poll of 2,000 men, £5.25 is the average amount men are willing to splash on their under garments, proving that what lies beneath is not of great importance to men across the nation.

What’s more it’s a case of being a lazy pants, with almost 60% of men saying they NEVER purchase their own, but leave it to their partners and mothers OR rely on receiving them as gifts on occasions such as Christmas, birthdays or Father’s Day (18%).

But what are men wearing? According to sales figures, the tighty whitey is officially dead - white briefs in 2016 make up only 6% of sales at George, compared to 64% navy or black. Despite David Beckham and David Gandy’s best efforts, coloured and character styles are soaring, accounting for 94% of sales. But baggy pants are also out of favour with 41% preferring a fitted jersey style in 2016 – attributed to the rise of the fitted and skinny jean.

While women switch up underwear for occasion or season, men are creatures of habit and less willing to try something new with 37% of blokes saying they’re afraid to switch from a style they know they’re comfortable in. And once they’re comfortable they don’t want to change at all with 24% re-wearing at least three times before washing and 11% buying new underwear rather than washing what has been worn.

The survey further revealed that the nation believes men who wear boxers are more relaxed in personality than those who don a tight brief, those in Birmingham scrimp the most on their underwear, but far from being 'true Scotsmen', Glaswegian guys are willing to stretch their wallets to make sure their under garments are worthy of being flashed.

Thankfully, just 1% of those surveyed admitted to going commando on a regular basis.

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