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Asda launches UK's lowest priced Extra Virgin coconut oil

Miracle product flying off the shelves as coconut oil goes from fad to everyday essential

July 26, 2016 03:24pm
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Supermarket retailer Asda has launched the lowest priced extra virgin coconut oil on the market. At just £2.35 per jar, Asda’s Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil costs 27% less than any other retailer in the UK.

This has been introduced as nation’s passion for coconut oil has reached boiling point and the once faddy oil becomes a permanent fixture in shopping baskets, as sales grow by £15.4 million!.

Over the past three years the ‘elixir of life’, which was initially adopted by healthy eating gurus Joe Wicks, Deliciously Ella and Madeleine Shaw to cook up signature ‘clean eating’ dishes, has now become a cooking staple with one in ten 16-34 year olds stocking up across the country2.

Unlike the refined coconut oil which goes through a series of processes, extra virgin coconut oil is a cold pressed oil that’s squeezed from the flesh of the coconut before it goes straight into packaging, without being tampered with. The raw nature of the coconut oil means it retains the the taste and smell of a coconut.

Over the past few years, saturated fat has fallen back into favour, after being demonised for decades. Coconut oil – which can be used as anything from a healthy cooking oil and sunburn ointment to teeth whitener and dandruff treatment – is said to aid weight loss due to the high content of medium chain fatty acids that work to boost the metabolism. This type of fat is metabolised differently to other kinds of fatty acids, helping to speed up the metabolic process and burn fat. It can also aid digestion and reduce cholesterol.

Condiments and Cooking Category Planning Advisor, Daniela Hallsworth said: “Coconut oil really has taken the UK market by storm over recent years. We’ve seen this develop from a niche trend into a mainstream staple and our customers were keen to have a premium option that didn’t break the bank.

At Asda we’re all about providing our customers with top quality products at the best prices. Our Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is something that all shoppers can now enjoy at great value – whether it’s for or creating healthy dishes or rehydrating skin and hair, the possibilities really are endless.”


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