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Asda says yes ‘cheese’ to Dale Farm Quark

August 8, 2016 08:59pm
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Containers of cheese are held by two people on a farm with black cows behind them

Dale Farm, Northern Ireland’s leading dairy producer, has secured a contract which will see it supply all Asda NI stores with its high-in-protein, fat-free Quark soft cheese.

The award winning product – made using cows’ milk sourced from the 1,300 local dairy farmers which constitute Dale Farm’s farmer co-operative – can be incorporated into savoury or sweet dishes. From pasta sauces and baked potatoes to a cheesecake, the naturally low-in-salt dairy product popular across Europe adds nutritional value to a wide range of recipes, and is already a hit with health and fitness enthusiasts, and those looking to reduce fat intake in their diet.

Head of Marketing at Dale Farm, Caroline Martin, is confident that the product will be popular with a broad spectrum of consumers focused on achieving a healthy lifestyle individually and for families:

“Dale Farm is delighted to extend our range of dairy products available in Asda stores. Quark is evidence of our strategy over the next three years to develop a range of 12 health-focussed, nutritionally valuable dairy products which can easily be included in everyday cooking. Consumers are asking for high-protein products – and Quark delivers, with 11g of protein per 100g serving.

“As a Gold Award winner at the recent World Cheese Awards, Asda customers are also guaranteed premium quality with each purchase of this locally produced cheese.”

Brian Conway, ASDA Buying Manager Northern Ireland, added:

“Quark cheese will be joining a wide range of Dale Farm products already on offer in our stores across Northern Ireland. We know our customers value dairy produce which is locally-sourced – and with this latest addition to our cheese range, Quark has the added benefit of supporting a healthy lifestyle as well as our local farmers.”

Dale Farm Quark is available in Asda stores now.

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