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Summertime dressing not dampened by downpours

August 23, 2016 03:16pm
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16.5C is the temperature Brits officially consider summertime in the UK 1/3 of people refuse to go back to winter warmers once the summer wardrobe is out47% say flip flops, short skirts and cropped trousers acceptable at workWe spend 16 minutes extra getting ready for work in the summer months
The nation was treated to a glimpse of the long awaited summer heat wave last week, but despite the record highs of 32 degrees, Brits say that the needle only needs to hit 16.5C before they whip off the jacket, peel off the tights and flash the flesh.

Following a survey by Asda of 2,000 sun seeking Brits, a third of those polled also claimed that once they open their summer wardrobes, they wouldn’t consider going back to winter warmers - regardless of the inevitable British seasonal showers and ever-changing weather forecasts.

Dressing for work during the summer months divides opinion across the nation with almost half (47%) believing flip-flops and short skirts are appropriate attire in the office. A third find it harder to look smart in the summer and nearly a third of us spend an average of 16 minutes longer getting ready for work every morning from July onwards.

Despite the preening for warmer weather, nearly half of us (46%) admit to feeling self conscious about our bodies in summer months, with arms voted the biggest hang up for both sexes – over-taking legs and torsos.

Despite the showing of more skin, bra sales at George have risen sharply along with the temperature barometer, with an increase in sales of 48% over the past week. Brits are switching black and white sets for coral, lemon and other summer shades, but grey is also one of the new shades of choice - potentially due to fake tan staining, as sales are up 27% on the beauty product.

An Asda spokesperson said: “In typical British fashion, as soon as the sunshine hits, whatever the time of year, it’s all about BBQs, beverages, buffing and of course, bronzing. The Great British fashion spirit will not be dampened by the Great British downpours we have come to know and expect – for Brits shorts are acceptable from June – September, whatever the weather.”

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