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Asda wins Retailer of the Year at the Global Cheese Awards 2016

Asda scoops six gold, eleven silver and nine bronze awards

By Clair Hufton

October 4, 2016 03:28pm
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Judges at The Global Cheese Awards - an industry recognised stamp of approval which took place in September 2016 – showed their love forthe seasonally popular cheeses. Asda Blue Stilton and Extra Special St Endellion Cornish Brie both scooped Gold at the awards.
Asda won the most awards in show at this year’s cheese awards with a total of 26 accolades awarded by industry experts. Additional nods included Asda Extra Special St Endellion Cornish Brie (Gold) and Asda Scottish Mild Cheddar (Gold).

Cheese is purchased every single week by 9 in 10 Brits, but it seems Brits aren’t as habitual as we think when it comes to what varieties they pick up. According to sales data from Asda, the weather and time of year have a huge impact on the cheese we eat, with smellier cheeses pretty much going into hibernation over the Summer months.

What’s seen as a cheeseboard staple, blue cheese saw a 110% increase in sales in September, as a third of people ditched summery puddings for comforting cheese and crackers.

Stilton’s not the only one to make an Autumnal comeback; cheeses including camembert and brie also see a peak in sales during Autumn. Camembert, a cheese best served warm with chunky bits of bread, saw a 92% increase as the dark nights and chilly mornings started to draw in.

Cheryl Donald, cheese maker at Arla Foods who looks after the production of St Endellion Cornish Brie, said; “We always up weight our brie production in the Autumn and Winter seasons as customers tastes tend to change quite significantly as we enter the party season. It starts from September when the weather cools down and purchases of cheeses, particularly artisan cheese such as ours, are type of products which customers want to put on their cheeseboard. Christmas is by far our busiest time of year for brie, where we double the amount of cheese which is made in the cheese factory.”

However, what might be popular for one season is positively out of fashion for another. As soon as the Summer sun appears, it’s all about the more Mediterranean cheeses with much lighter flavours and smells. Halloumi sees an increase of 33%, sales of Greek feta rise by 27% and mozzarella increases by 8% between June and August.

A spokesperson for Asda said: “It’s interesting to see the nation’s love affair with cheese grow and the trends that emerge throughout the year. We know Autumn has arrived when stilton sales soar, and that the sun is shining when feta is flying off the shelves. It seems there really is a cheese for all seasons.”

The full list of awards is below:

Asda Scottish Mild (350g)Gold
Asda Welsh Mature (350g)Gold
Asda Welsh Extra Mature (350g)Gold
Asda Blue Stilton (200g)Gold
Asda Extra Special St Endellion Cornish Brie (180g)Gold
Asda Extra Special Butlers Tasty Farmhouse Lancashire 200gGold
Asda Extra Special Wyke Farm Strong and Complex Extra Mature (200g)Silver
Asda Extra Special Wyke Farm Intense & Complex Vintage Reserve (200g)Silver
Asda Welsh Mild (350g)Silver
Asda Scottish Extra Mature (350g)Silver
Asda Extra Special Gorgonzola (150G)Silver
Asda Extra Special Tuxford & Tebbutt Blue Stilton (200g) (no longer listed)Silver
Asda Hard Goats Cheese (130g)Silver
Asda 50% Less Fat Pineapple Light Soft Cheese (200g)Silver
Asda 50% Less Fat Onion & Chives Light Soft Cheese (200g)Silver
Asda 30% Less Fat Mature Light CheeseSilver
Asda Red Leicester (350g)Silver
Asda British Mature (350g)Bronze
Asda Extra Special Wyke Farm Strong and Complex Extra MatureBronze
Asda Extra Special Butlers Farmhouse Blue (150g)Bronze
Asda Extra Special Brie de Pays (150g)Bronze
Asda Halloumi Cheese (250g)Bronze
Asda British Wensleydale with Apricot (200g)Bronze
Asda Chosen By You Double Gloucester with Onion & ChivesBronze
Asda Caerphilly (250g)Bronze
Asda Chosen by You German Smoked Cheese (175g)Bronze
Asda Chosen By You British Salted ButterGold
Asda Unsalted British ButterGold
Asda Greek Style Natural YoghurtGold
Asda Chosen By You Whipping CreamGold
Asda Fresh British Extra Thick Double CreamGold
Asda Extra Special Somerset Farmhouse ButterSilver
Asda Extra Special Black Cherry West Country YogurtSilver
Asda Chosen By You Single CreamSilver
Asda Fresh British Double CreamSilver
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