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With winter just around the corner and the annual flu season about to kick in, shocking new research has revealed almost half of Brits aren’t protected from influenza (flu) and don’t intend to have flu jab.

The survey, conducted by Asda, showed that 71% of those not safeguarded from the virus blamed lack of knowledge on how to protect themselves as the reason for remaining a risk to themselves and others around them.

One of the biggest groups at risk is the ‘fighting fit’ generation (those aged between 34 and 44) with 55% having never received a flu jab and one fifth of those unaware of even being eligible or able to pay for one.

Statistics show 77% of Brits believe those aged over 50 are the most vulnerable to viruses and the same number are certain the flu can be fatal for those aged over 70. However, 27% of those aged between 25 and 34 have had the flu in the last two years, in comparison to just 14% of people aged over 55. So whilst action is being taken to immunise older groups across the country, little is being done to educate and protect Generation Y.

There’s no question that more action needs to be taken to educate people about the dangers of flu. Statistics reveal that one in ten people ignore their flu symptoms and a further 37% continue working while contagious and run the risk of infecting others.

Taking a lead in the campaign to raise awareness around flu, Asda has announced that they are slashing the price of flu vaccinations to £5 in a bid to help Brits protect themselves this winter. This is the lowest ever price for the jabs in the UK for those who have to pay, and has smashed the chain’s £7 price for the last four years running.

Faisal Tuddy, Superintendent Pharmacist at Asda: “Our battle against flu has never been so aggressive. We realise that our customers are very busy people, but our service offers unrivalled convenience and price to encourage people, especially the young, to protect themselves this winter.”


Notes to Editors
· The £5 vaccination is available nationwide at all of Asda’s 255 pharmacies in store and the free NHS vaccination is also available to people with targeted healthcare needs at stores in England.
· Asda have been market leaders at £7 for the last four years, our competitors have either vouchered to match us, whilst retaining a higher retail price or remained at a significantly higher price point (e.g. Boots at £12.99)
· The free NHS vaccination is also available to people with targeted healthcare needs at Asda pharmacies in England (239 stores)
Asda pledge to offer 100,000 flu vaccinations this year at our new lowest price point of £5 or free on the NHS, the equivalent amount of vaccinations that the NHS is expected to offer in total