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KJ Curson Growers supplies Asda with more than one million pumpkins in time for Halloween

15 year relationship with Asda has seen more than 10 million pumpkins supplied

By Clair Hufton

October 11, 2016 11:51am
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Asda Pumpkin Supplier

KJ Curson Growers, based in Upwell, have had their strongest pumpkin harvest since records began 35 years ago and are set to supply Asda with more than one million pumpkins this year… just in time for Halloween.

The expert pumpkin growers and Asda are this year celebrating their 15th anniversary of working together, during which time, more than 10 million pumpkins have been grown by the farmers and supplied to Asda stores throughout the UK.

The process of growing pumpkins starts during late May when seeds are planted throughout the 20 fields on the 650 acre farm. The seasonal fruit is then tendered, weeded and kept a close eye on until early September when harvesting begins, a process done entirely by hand.

The traditional Halloween fruits are then washed and stored in 6ft high stacks ready for distribution, where, at peak times during October, more than 90,000 of the pumpkins can leave the farm a day.

Kevin Curson, owner of KJ Curson Growers, said: “After 15 fantastic years’ of supplying Asda, we are celebrating with providing the supermarket with our largest harvest ever, with more than a million being grown and nurtured specifically for the supermarket and their customers.

“A lot of care and time is taken to ensure that the pumpkins are the highest quality and the harvest is a credit to the 100 plus farmers we have working around the clock during September and October.

“We have a fantastic relationship with Asda; its commitment to providing local suppliers with opportunities and the tools to grow is one of the reasons we have grown year on year.”

Lucy Grieve, Asda’s Produce Category Planner, said: “Asda is committed to supporting local producers and we’re proud to have been working with KJ Curson Growers for 15 years.

“The team here at Asda work incredibly closely with our growers such as Cursons to ensure that its expertly grown seasonal produce is harvested, packed, and at optimum ripeness for when it hits shelves in-store. Maintaining long and strong relationships with our suppliers is key to our success in ensuring our customers get the best fresh produce all year round.”

Top 10 Pumpkin Carving Tips

  1. Choose your pumpkin carefully – If you want a long haunting face, pick a good length pumpkin, or if you’re looking for something extra scary, how about one with many lumps and bumps!
  2. Get some inspiration for your design - search social media for some examples to fuel your imagination
  3. Traditional or not? – Be imaginative, why not try making your pumpkin a Cyclops rather than the traditional two eyed monster
  4. Add some depth – Give your pumpkin a two toned effect by shaving some parts of it too
  5. Use other items to enhance your pumpkin – use leaves, screws or bandages to make it extra spooky
  6. Give it some extra colour – Paint your pumpkin using dark nail varnish to enhance some of its features
  7. Use your pumpkin seeds – add some extra design to your pumpkin by making it look as though his insides are on the way out
  8. Brighten your teeth – add some white tape to the teeth to make them as bright as can be!
  9. Get a battery powered tea light – Everyone needs a tea light in their pumpkin to make it visible, use a battery powered one to make the effect last longer!
  10. Give your pumpkin a sidekick – two pumpkins always look better than one

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