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Penderyn Whisky is flowing out of Wales into 354 Asda stores

Brecon Beacons based supplier, The Welsh Whisky Company are seeing rapid growth with Asda

October 13, 2016 00:31pm
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The Welsh Whisky Company who run Wales’ largest commercial distillery has seen a 145% year on year sales growth for its products sold within Asda, so much so that now more whisky than ever is flowing out of the village of Penderyn.

Their 70cl ‘Legend’ Whisky has now been extended to national distribution, meaning it is available in 354 Asda stores nationwide. In addition, three more lines have been added to the Welsh Whisky range, the latest being the miniature pack which includes, whisky, vodka, gin and Merlyn liqueur.

The growth of the Welsh Whisky Company has gone from strength to strength since the first bottle was sold on St David’s Day in 2004 in the presence of HRH Prince Charles.

Their unique single copper pot still designed by Dr David Faraday, a descendant of the great Victorian physicist Michael Faraday, means a clean fruity spirit can be created at 92% abv,. The distillery even has their own supply of fresh mineral water that flows from the Brecon Beacons National Park and is drawn up via a bore hole.

Stephen Davies, chief executive of the Welsh Whisky Company, said: “We have had a fantastic 12 years making our beloved Welsh Whisky, which all started after a chat in a local pub between friends who decided to buy a still.

“We have a fantastic relationship with Asda; its commitment to providing local suppliers with opportunities and the tools to grow is one of the reasons we have grown year on year and we are delighted to have our 70cl Legend Whisky represented nationwide.”

Matt Trigg, Asda’s local sourcing and events manager for Wales, said: “Asda is committed to supporting local producers and we’re proud to be working with The Welsh Whisky Company.

“We’re very excited about housing their 70cl Legend Whisky in 354 stores and we have no doubt that our customers will be excited about tasting the finest Welsh whisky around.”

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