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How we keep your store and home shopping clean

You may have seen reports in the news about hygiene standards at some of our Asda stores and home shopping services.

Although these incidents took place at a small number of our stores, we take them incredibly seriously. Our customers expect and deserve the highest standards from us – and in these cases, we really let our customers down. And for that we are truly sorry.

It’s clear that in these cases, the strict processes we have in place for keeping our stores and home shopping services clean and hygienic have not been followed – and we’ve acted immediately to address the specific issues that have been raised, be that re-briefing and re-training our colleagues, or looking at where we need to make changes to our processes to improve them.

We take our responsibilities to our customers really seriously, and every one of our colleagues has a role in keeping every aspect of our stores and online operation clean and safe. Our motto is ‘don’t walk by’ meaning colleagues are trained to respond to hygiene and safety concerns in their day to day roles, and to ‘clean as they go’ when it comes to clearing up the everyday breaks and spills that happen in any retail environment. We make sure our food is stored safely and hygienically before it goes out on to shelves and before it is delivered to you in your home.

In addition, we have our specialist team of Asda Aces who are on hand in every one of our stores to deal with more complex issues and deep cleaning.

We want our customers to trust us to do the right thing to ensure their store and home shopping service delivers the high standards they expect – and every colleague has a role to play in this. To hear some of them talk about the part they play, you can watch this short film from our colleagues on how they maintain standards every day.