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Gnome Way! Mrs Claus Gnome is the spitting image of Asda customer

Gnome Alike

A Mrs Claus Gnome has been presented to her lookalike by Asda Basildon

A Mrs Claus Gnome has been presented to her lookalike by Asda Basildon, after a customer used Twitter to highlight the uncanny resemblance.

Alfie Earnshaw, from Basildon, tweeted Asda to show how Mrs Claus Gnome looks just like his nan, Pat, saying ‘can’t believe they’re selling my nan in @asda’.

Pat Elliott, 71, who has six grandchildren, said it was her youngest grandchild, two-year-old Darcie, who first spotted the resemblance while shopping in Asda with her dad Simon.

Pat said: “When my son first saw it he said Darcie actually looked at it and said it was Nana so there must be something there!

"I did get a few looks while we were doing the photos in Asda! I can see what people are saying. I’ve got it in my lounge at the moment and the more I look at it the more I think they could be right.

“It’s the face and the cheeks and I’m very white in the hair. It’s a bit of fun – I hope it will cheer someone up this festive season!”

Pat and husband Dave, 69, love decorating their house every Christmas with outside lights and giant decorations – so they will be adding Mrs Claus to their collection.

Pat’s daughter Laura – Alfie’s mum – said: “My mum loves Christmas – their house is completely covered in lights every year. People actually go just to have a look. If you’ve got a Christmas gnome that looks like you in your garden, you’ve won Christmas!”

Mrs Claus and Santa Claus gnomes are available at selected Asda stores for £30 each, as well as the light-up Santa gnome for £38.

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