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Meet the man who navigates Asda’s sprouts from soil to store and will test over 2,200 sprouts in the run up to Christmas

Despite their bad rep, sprouts are a must-have on any festive menu, and this sweet video from Asda, showing the journey of cheery ‘Sprout’ from field to fork, will warm the heart of even the biggest Brussels critic this Christmas.

As Asda gets ready to sell 1.1million sprouts this week, the jolly film shows ‘sprouts eye view’ of his journey from harvest to shelf. All Asda’s sprouts are grown in the UK and the little green star of the film hails from M Baker Produce, in Boston, Lincolnshire, who work closely with the retailer throughout the year to make sure their sprouts are in peak condition all year round, and especially for the all-important Christmas Dinner.

The sprout arrives in store just in the nick of time as the Christmas Dinner shop is getting underway - 10.5m tonnes of vegetables are due to be sold this week, which is enough to stretch from Leeds to the North Pole and back 50 times.

And to ensure their veg is as great value as it is tasty, Asda has announced that it has cut the price of the most popular festive vegetable lines by up to a massive 57% with 500g sprouts, 1kg carrots, 360g broccoli and 500g parsnips all costing just 20p this week.